Deepika Padukone: "They Were Brimming And Glowing With Pride"

Deepika Padukone: "They Were Brimming And Glowing With Pride"

The actress speaks about how her parents felt after watching Padmaavat
Deepika Padukone: "They Were Brimming And Glowing With Pride"

Deepika Padukone

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A visibly relaxed and overjoyed Deepika Padukone met some journalists at a select media meeting over a Marwari thali on Saturday. 

"My parents are immensely proud. I saw that pride on their face. Mom and dad made a video call after their screening finished late at night and I was in my pyjama and going to bed. So for them, they just saw the film and then me... So, their expression was like, 'Is she our daughter?' I saw their expression and they were both brimming and glowing with pride," Deepika told the journalists there.

Deepika also revealed that her parents were extremely worried about her. "You know, my parents never once had asked me if they should come and live with me during that whole phase because they were confident about the fact that I can handle this. That is my spirit,that is how we (my sister and I) have been brought up. We have learnt that what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong," said Deepika.

"When I was working on the film, I did not expect this kind of appreciation. Of course, we knew that it is going to be a very special film as it's my third film with Sanjay," she ended as some journalists celebrated the success of the film.

Deepika said that she is overwhelmed with joy at the success of the film. We’re proud of you too Deepika!