Deepika Padukone: "Ranveer Thinks There's Nobody Like Me"

Deepika Padukone: "Ranveer Thinks There's Nobody Like Me"

From her obsession to depression, Deepika spoke her heart on SRK's special chat show
Deepika Padukone: "Ranveer Thinks There's Nobody Like Me"

Deepika Padukone

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Shah Rukh Khan managed to draw out some more interesting revelations from Deepika on his chat show, ‘Baatein with the Baadshah’. Here’s a sampling of what the stunner spoke about…

Criticism in the early days

“Maybe it was my upbringing, or the fact that I was a sportsperson, or maybe it was my attitude, but whenever someone criticises me, I learn from that experience. Whether it was my diction, my acting, whatever it was I lacked, I worked on it and there is more that I need to improve upon…” At this point Shah Rukh interrupted to inform her dreamily that there’s absolutely nothing she lacks! She giggles and then adds, “I feel we are always evolving, we are always growing. And whatever people have said about my weaknesses, I tried to focus on them and improve in the future. I want to play challenging roles, do better films.”

Dealing with Depression

“Depression happens because of a combination of reasons and can strike anybody. I spoke about it when I went through it three years ago because I felt it was a very, very important chapter in my life. I learnt a lot during and after that experience, and then I felt that if I shared my story, my experiences with people, maybe it would help others too.”

Her OCD – Cleanliness!

Shah Rukh informed that she has OCD – everything around her should be absolutely perfect, with not even a hair out of place. The room should be absolutely clean, the cushions should be correctly placed. Deepika added that she finds cleaning very therapeutic. “In fact, my mother also often calls me home to Bangalore when she needs to do deep cleaning in the house! When I retire I can start a deep cleaning agency or something!”

Love note from Ranveer

When a video was played of rumoured beau Ranveer Singh, in a hoodie, lip-syncing to ‘Ek ladki ko dekha toh…’ from 1942 A Love Story, she hid her face behind a cushion and giggled, “Such a clown!” Ranveer also declared, “’Mandir mein ho ek jalta diya, Diya, yaani ke Deepika, yaani ke aap. What do I say about you? You have brightened up my life, the way you have brightened the lives of crores of your fans. I pray that your life too is full of brightness always. There’s nobody like you! God bless you and love you lots!”

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