Deepika Padukone On Her Equation With Shah Rukh Khan

The Bajirao Mastani actress reflects on her relationship with her mentor
Deepika Padukone On Her Equation With Shah Rukh Khan
Deepika Padukone (L) and Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

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Come December and Shah Rukh Khan's Dilwale and Deepika Padukone's Bajirao Mastani are all set to clash at the box office. Not too long ago, Deepika had posted a still from Bajrao, and put that up with a caption titled 'Challenge Accepted'. It was assumed that this was a message for King Khan. But now in an interview with DNA, the sultry actress opens up about her relationship with her mentor. 

"You know there are always those few equations in everyone’s lives that you build along the way and you know that you can rely on those people. You can trust them and rely on them to be there if you’re ever stuck or confused about anything in life. He is definitely that person in my life.  I think that’s how the relationship has evolved," the actress told the leading Indian publication. Reflecting on her initial years in B-town, Deepika reminisced, "I remember reading that after Om Shanti Om, Farah  was upset with me because I had not kept in touch. But I didn’t know any better.  In my mind, I was thinking these are big people, wouldn’t I be disturbing them by calling, etc. I didn’t know how to conduct myself. I had to explain this to her later, when I had the courage to. I was like, ‘Please don’t misunderstand me’. I mean not only was I adapting to a new industry, I was adapting to a new city as well. There was so much going on and in my mind, it was always like even though Shah Rukh Khan and Farah said, ‘Baby, if you ever need anything, we are a phone call away’, I always felt they are saying it because they have to say it. I would be like ‘How can I call them now in the middle of the day, middle of the night or land up at their house?’'

We appreciate the actress's honesty.