Deepika Padukone has Not Signed Any Film Post the Success of 'Padmaavat'? Is her Alleged Impending Marriage the Reason?
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Deepika Padukone has Not Signed Any Film Post the Success of 'Padmaavat'? Is her Alleged Impending Marriage the Reason?

Deepika Padukone has been offered countless plum assignments after 'Padmaavat' but hasn’t said yes to any of them leading to speculations

It is no coincidence that Deepika Padukone has not signed a single  film after  Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat despite the fact that the movie was a huge success and she had an author-backed presence in it.

What  is stopping Deepika  from saying yes to even one of the countless plum assignments that  she has been flooded with  after Padmaavat?  There are many  theories as to why she  is  saying no to virtually everything that  is offered  to her. Some say it is a chronic shoulder/neck pain that she got while shooting a garba song during Sanjay Leela  Bhansali’s Ram Leela.
However close friends shoot down this reason for her  prolonged absence. Another  theory is that Deepika is clearing the decks for her impending marriage to Ranveer Singh. Again, a theory debunked by sources  close  to Deepika. “Her back/neck problem is  being  properly attended to and she will be fine soon. As  for marriage plans, they  in no way impinge on  her career. No. The reason Deepika is  not signing anything new is the quality of  roles coming her way. They are  all big banners with  top heroes. But nothing even remotely as  author-backed  or inspiring as Padmaavat.  At this stage in her career Deepika is no more content  playing the conventional leading lady. It has to be a script that offers her as much  to  do as the male protagonist,” says a source  in  the know.

There is also the remuneration factor. Apparently Deepika is asking for the kind of  money  that no major production  house is  willing to offer  any leading ladies.
Says the source, “She has gone on-record  to  claim she was  paid  more than the  leading man in Padmaavat. Big banners like Yash Raj Films and Karan  Johar’s Dharma Productions are not willing to  pay her that kind of  money.”

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