Deepika Padukone Attends JNU Protests, Social Media Divided Over Actress' Stance
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Deepika Padukone Attends JNU Protests, Social Media Divided Over Actress' Stance

Deepika Padukone stood in solidarity with the JNU students last night, however, many said that it was an act to promote Chhapaak

India is currently undergoing a lot of chaos pertaining to the attacks at the hostels at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, in which a number of students were left injured as well as killed. The entire country is divided in their opinion about the ongoing acts which have resulted as a consequence to the Citizen Amendment Act - which discriminates Muslims against all other minorities in the region. Students of India are taking a strong stance over the issue with many taking out to the streets to protest and demand justice. Several celebrities have voiced their opinion as well and turned up in solidarity of JNU students whose lives have been affected. The latest to join the lot was superstar Deepika Padukone.

Deepika Padukone joins JNU Protesters in Delhi

Deepika Padukone joins JNU Protesters in Delhi

Earlier yesterday, Deepika was asked to comment on the current state of India in regards to the protests. She said, "It’s nice to see people on the street. I’m proud that people express their opinions, whether on the street or from home. If we want to see changes in our lives or in our society, it is extremely important to keep all viewpoints on the table." Later last evening, the actress also showed up to stand in solidarity amongst the victims.

Deepika Padukone joins JNU Protesters in Delhi

Deepika Padukone joins JNU Protesters in Delhi

While many hailed the star finally coming out to the streets and taking a stand against a government that is failing to do anything, others criticised Deepika and shared that it was only a way for her to promote her upcoming film, Chhapaak. The hashtag "#ISupportDeepika" soon started trending on Twitter, becoming the top most one in the region and many parts of the world.

One wrote, " Well done Deepika Padukone. You proved that you don't just play characters, you have character."

Another shared a picture of the star at the protest and tweeted, "Women are definitely the heroes of this movement."

One commented, "This is big. No, who am I kidding. In star crossed India, this is huge. Deepika Padukone not just tweeting solidarity, but physically joining a protest with the students of JNU. Are these the winds of change?"

Another added, "Talking to my 20 friends and planning to watch Chhapaak in the theatre altogether. This is my effort to show solidarity to your gesture of kindness, courage and guts. More power to you Deepika Padukone."

One shared, "Bhakts find a better argument. Deepika Padukone does not need publicity. As a producer she is better served playing it safe as some heroes of are doing. Understand that human beings are repulsed and outrage by what BJP/RSS and ABVP goons doing to students and campuses."

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap also voiced his support for the actress. He tweeted, "The female of the species is, and was, and will always be the strongest of the two. DeepikaPadukone, Chhapaak first day all shows. Let’s all those who stand against the violence go to Book My Show and show them. Make our silent statement which will be the loudest. With you Deepika, won't let this become the new normal."

Simi Garewal also lent her support and said, "Deepika Padukone I applaud your commitment and your courage! You are a hero! A SHERO! Massive respect."

One user shared, "Deepika Padukone knew RW will boycott Chhapaak for standing in solidarity with JNU and yet she went ahead unlike Khans, Kapoors, Khannas and Kumars of Bollywood."

Another added, "Without any single tweet or any kind of showoff, she reached at the ground  zero at JNU Sabarmati point. Immense respect to Deepika Padukone. Students are grateful for your stand."

One stated, "The Modi government invited Bollywood for a 'scrumptious dinner' to convince them to toe the line. Deepika Padukone chose to skip it and stood in solidarity with JNU students instead. It takes courage to stand up to fascism."

Another commented, "Please don’t tell me the Khans aren’t speaking because they fear being hounded by the government or its supporters, fear of losing their well-established careers. If she can, so can they. All you need is a spine!"

One tweeted, "The fearless Deepika Padukone walks away with the respect tonight. She represents the independent women of India who cannot be cowed by authoritarian forces."

Others instead lashed out at Deepika for using the protests to promote Chhapaak which is set to hit screens later this week. One said, "Appreciate the fact that Deepika Padukone is faking for film promotion. No doubt a good actor."

Another quipped, "I too support her for the promotions for her film Chhapaak. It's a new way to do it, she's leading the path."

One wrote, " Just now I blocked Deepika Padukone from my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Before this evening, I was to her fan but then she joined the Tukde-Tukde gang. More faces will be exposed in 2020, this is just begining! Till then boycott Chhapaak."

Film critic Sumit Kadel said, "As a film critic, I won't review Chhapaak. I can't watch a movie of a lead actress who share stage with people who chants slogans to break India. Desh k gaddaro k saath jo mehez apni film k promotion liye khadi ho jaaye, uski film dekhna sharmanaak hoga. Shame on Deepika Padukone."

One tweeted, " Thank you Deepika Padukone for saving my Rs 200. Now I'm not going to watch Chhapaak."

Another wrote, "I never imagined that an actress like Deepika Padukone will support these JNU Goons and Afzal. Now Deepika shows her true colour. This is my final decision that I will never watch any film of these actress who support  anti-nationalist goons."

One commented, "Deepika just for footage you went in JNU and standing with deshdrohi Kanhaiya. Instead we donate to Meer Foundation."

Another shared, "Just look at her face. Does it look like she was there to protest against JNU violence? No! She was just there to promote her movie Chhapaak. I bet if there was any ongoing protest against JNU then you could see her standing in the front."

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