Deepika Padukone APOLOGISES For Letting Her Fans Down. Did She Need to Do It?
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Deepika Padukone APOLOGISES For Letting Her Fans Down. Did She Need to Do It?

Deepika Padukone wrote a heartfelt note to her fans after they expressed their disappointment. Find out what she did

Deepika Padukone was the favourite to win the Best Actress award at various award ceremonies for her spectacular performance in Padmaavat but she hasn’t been always lucky. In fact, recently she lost out the trophy at a prominent awards night to Alia Bhatt who won it for Raazi. But Deepika Padukone does not take it to heart!

According to Deepika, she will strive hard to get the best actress award. Not only did she make a promise, but she even apologised to fans for letting them down! It happened when some of Deepy’s ardent fans hit out at the organisers for not giving the Bajirao Mastani stunner an award. Social media was full of negative comments for the magazine organising the awards as well as the people behind it.

One of her biggest online fan clubs took to their Instagram page and wrote a long note slamming the awards and not even giving it to her along with Alia. Their logic? When Ranveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana both could have been given the trophies for their performance in Padmaavat and Andhadhun respectively, why couldn’t Deepika have shared her award with Alia?  The fan club even called out director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for allegedly chopping Deepika's scenes from the film and making the movie around Alauddin Khilji played by Ranveer.

However, Deepika left a comment on the fan club's post which instantly won everyone's hearts. In a short note (see below), Deepika apologised to her fans and declared that she would strive hard to win it back.

Deepika Padukone APOLOGISES For Letting Her Fans Down. Did She Need to Do It?

Kudos to her fighting spirit but did she really need to make that comment to her fans? After all, getting an award was hardly her decision, it was entirely the organisers’. So what was she apologising for?

Recently, Deepika shared a look from her forthcoming film Chhapaak where she plays an acid attack victim. The picture immediately went viral and she got immense praise for playing such a brave character. Who knows, this might fetch her an award next year!

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