Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s Roles in ‘83: What You Need to Know
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s Roles in ‘83: What You Need to Know

Ranveer Singh practiced with Kapil Dev and spent 10 days at his house in Delhi to get into the skin of the character. Likewise, Deepika Padukone too got to meet Romi. We can’t wait to watch their sizzling chemistry!

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are one of the most sought-after power couples in the world. From winning hearts world over courtesy their spectacular on-screen performances, the duo has created waves in Indian cinema, both together and with their respective projects. The pair’s sizzling chemistry goes beyond their personal lives, with the two exuding the same vibes on-screen as well (Case in point: Padmaavat, Bajirao Mastani and Ram Leela). However, their upcoming project ‘83 will reunite the lovebirds on the big screen for the first time following their wedding in November, 2018. The Kabir Khan directorial will showcase Ranveer taking on the role of Indian legendary cricketer, Kapil Dev. Similar to her real-life avatar, the Bollywood Mastani will essay Ranveer’s romantic interest and Kapil’s wife Romi Dev in the forthcoming project.

Ranveer practiced with Kapil and spent 10 days at his house in Delhi to get into the skin of the character. Likewise, Deepika too got to meet Romi to understand her point of view and how she was always supportive of her husband’s profession. Deeps revealed she could not have bagged a better project, more so because her father Prakash Padukone – the former Indian badminton player – is also one of the renowned faces of the sports fraternity and she grew up watching her mother standing by his side through thick and thin. Similarly, much to the surprise of many, Deepika has known Kapil and Romi for as long as she can remember for this reason.

Deepika will portray Romi’s character in the way that she was instrumental in Kapil’s success, especially when he was the captain of the Indian cricket team in the 1983 World Cup. “She was part of the support system and I feel connected to that. I always feel that in an athlete’s life the wife and family sacrifice a lot of their own dreams to support the vision of the athlete, the goals that they set and they end up sacrificing their own career. I have seen it in my own family. My mother had been supportive to my father in his career. I think to see the human side, to see what an important role family play in success of athlete I took up this role," she shared earlier. Kapil retired from his passion in 1994, holding the world record for the greatest number of wickets taken in Test cricket, a record subsequently broken by Courtney Walsh in 2000. At the time, he was also India's highest wicket taker in both major forms of cricket, Tests and ODIs. Hence, audiences are expected to witness a great husband and wife relationship, where the latter helps him to achieve greater heights in his career.

Ranveer, on the other hand, has trained extensively for his role as Kapil. Not only did undergo training in cricket but the actor’s dietician also revealed the diet plan that was charted out for him to achieve the lean physique for ‘83. “We’ve cracked a healthy variant of Nutella for Ranveer — it’s an avocado mousse, made of 90 per cent dark chocolate chips and avocados,” Anmol Singhal said at the time. Ranveer was put on a protein-heavy diet for quite some time. Snippets from Kapil’s career trajectory will also be included by Kabir including the time he was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame, on March 11, 2010. Ranveer holds the sport extremely close to his heart and was also spotted attending one of the matches during the ICC Cricket World Cup this year. Any guesses as to why he signed Kapil’s role? Because cricket was at its peak when Ranveer was born! Moreover, he feels it is not just a story about cricket (just like Kapil’s life) but there’s a lot more to it. “It’s a human story,” Ranveer stated, prior to his recently completed shooting schedule of the film in London. As the real-life couple gears up to showcase a must-be-told story on the big screen, we can’t wait to see them churn out breathtaking performances yet again.

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