'Deepika is Still at That Learning Stage and Has a Long Way to Go': Prakash Padukone
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'Deepika is Still at That Learning Stage and Has a Long Way to Go': Prakash Padukone

The former badminton champion gives his take on his superstar daughter

Deepika Padukone has become superstar in Bollywood, but her journey has not been an easy one. This is also explained by her dad, badminton champion Prakash Padukone, who says, “She is evolving as an actress. She is enjoying what she is doing. She tries to learn. After every movie, she tries to analyse her performance. Unlike in sports, there is no coach in movies. You have to do it on your own. She tries to analyse so many great actors and actresses not only from Bollywood but also from Hollywood and tries to learn from them. That’s what she is doing right from the beginning. She has always learnt watching herself.”

“There is nobody from the family that has done movies. It just comes naturally to her. She is still in that learning stage. She has got a long way to go compared with some of the yesteryear actresses who have been legends. There is a lot for her to achieve. She feels she has got a long way to go. She wants to keep improving.”

The former All England Championships winner also knows that a celebrity has to take the praise and the flak and there is no escaping from gossip when one is in the show business. As per Prakash in an article in DNA,  “it used to be a problem” initially when Deepika entered the industry.

“You cannot say, ‘I want only the good things’. It (gossip) comes as a package. We have learnt to deal with it. She is also handling it very well. Initially she also found it tough. She has learnt to deal with it well,” he says.


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