Why Deepak Tijori Got Nostalgic About Aashiqui!
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Why Deepak Tijori Got Nostalgic About Aashiqui!

All this while filming his new venture

While shooting for his next film Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, actor-director Deepak Tijori went down the memory lane. Returning after a long time to direction, Deepak continues to reminisce about the 1990 hit Aashiqui (in which he played an important character). 

He told journalists, "I am doing a romantic film for the first time after a long time even as a director. And obviously, I remember Bhatt saab regularly and even the moments of Aashiqui were coming to mind while shooting the scenes. And this definitely helps. And you'll see a lot of images of Bhatt saab in the film."

He spoke more about the film, "The film is basically a brooding love story and that was the reason we had to meticulously cast the actors of the film. The music of such a film also plays an important role. And I'm sure what we've achieved is remarkable and we're all excited and happy for what we've achieved in the film."

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