Maya Memsaab to Make a Comeback After 18 Years
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Maya Memsaab to Make a Comeback After 18 Years

Deepa Sahi is back on the big screen for good

Deepa Sahi who has not seen the light of the big screen in almost two decades has finally come across a role she could not say no to! The actress was last seen in her husband, Ketan Mehta's directorial film, Aar Ya Paar, and it is yet again him who is directing her comeback. Deepa will be seen in the role of Indira Gandhi in the upcoming biopic, Manjhi-The Mountain Man, based on the life of Dashrath Manjhi, better known as The Mountain Man. 

Deepa confirmed the news to Mirror saying, "Yes, I am playing Indira Gandhi, it's a cameo. I've always been fascinated by her and I am sure everyone would want to play her on screen." 

While on the topic, the 49-year-old actress revealed that she wanted to make a movie on the first woman PM of India. "MJ Akbar and I had once toyed with the idea to make a film on Mrs Gandhi. However, considering the legal issues in our country, I don't think the project will ever materialise. But given an opportunity, I'd love to make a full-length feature film on her and play the part myself," Deepa asserted. 

When asked about her preparation for the role, she disclosed that she had been watching quite a few videos to familiarize with Indira Gandhi's habits and body language. "As far as the look is concerned, we got a wig made with a patch of grey. I used prosthetics on the nose, so the similarity would be more striking," she adds.

So what's kept her away from films for so long? "I don't like the process of getting dressed up and putting make-up on. I enjoy writing and editing more but this was a role I couldn't say no to," she signs off with a smile.

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