Dear Hrithik Roshan, I am a Bihari and I Feel Insulted by Super 30
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Dear Hrithik Roshan, I am a Bihari and I Feel Insulted by Super 30

An open letter to Hrithik Roshan by a son-of-the-soil Bihari

Dear Mr Hrithik Roshan,

Have you seen that amazing 26-year-old British actor Josh O’Connor do a Yorkshire accent  in that masterpiece God’s Own Country? No? You  should.  Josh,  for  your information, is not from Yorkshire. He  worked for  weeks and  months with a  dialogue coach so that he  didn’t sound like  a young man imitating a young man from Yorkshire.

How many days did you spend in  Bihar with  the man you play in Super 30  before arriving so smugly at your …well, terrible Bihari accent in Super 30?

I have to admit I’ve never  really been impressed  by your transformative efforts on screen. But what you’ve done in Super 30 is worse. You have parodied the whole state and  its  people, lumped them  together in your own version  of  Lalu’s la-la  land.

This  is  not  a man from Bihar speaking. It is YOUR definition of a Bihari man, based on a peek-a-boo  perception  probably gleaned  from  the social media, all tanned  up with  bootpolish,  drawling  out  your words as  though they are emerging  from that  empty  bootpolish container after  you have  finished painting  yourself.

Worse still is the fact that  Anand Kumar  is going around endorsing  your efforts at being Bihari, calling  you  a ‘Greek  God’ and  too handsome to play Anand Kumar when in fact  Anand should be  pulling you up for  insulting an entire community and state which has given India some  of  the  best brains and talent  including Anand Kumar.

The damage is not irreparable, Mr Roshan. You can  easily  re-dub all your  lines. Sit down with a  voice coach who will  show you how not to ham  on  the soundtrack. What  you need  to  is put more ‘Josh’ into your  speaking lines.

But really, I am being too harsh. It’s not your fault. We pamper and spoil our actors, over-praise them to the skies until they begin to believe  they are  God’s chosen one.  One hit, and a Siddharth Chaturvedi goes around strutting as  though he has arrived. If you  were not corrected while speaking for Anand Kumar, well blame the spineless  disgraced  director who must have been so  grateful to have  you  in his film.

Until  our directors stop being slaves  to the star system, there will be no Josh O’Connor  in  Indian cinema.

Watch the trailer of Super 30 here:

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