Dear Ahmed Godil, there is no excuse for a job badly done
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Dear Ahmed Godil, there is no excuse for a job badly done

Ahmed Godil, the host for PSL’s opening ceremony, was recently fired by PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board). He chose social media to express his views.

I am feeling more exhausted than ever today. Maybe physical exertion can be taken care of but the mental fatigue every bit of energy out of you. It’s been a long week in all respects. My brain is tired and it needs to breathe in and out. Since Google is my life guru, I thought of googling how to take care of mental fatigue. One of the top tips that I came across was the one which is most undoable for me. It was about the screen time detox and putting aside any electronic devices for at least few hours a day.

Everyone on Twitter was busy cursing PSL opening ceremony

I thought I would take one last trip down my Twitter and Instagram feed before I can actually bid farewell to my phone and try achieving the nirvana the blog I read was promising me. I couldn’t put the phone down. While Instagram was all about every second cousin getting married in Lahore, Twitter was about PSL’s opening ceremony. Everyone was busy cursing PCB for organizing a below-par opening ceremony for one of the most prestigious cricketing events of the year. Since cricket has come home, this ceremony was all the more special for people.

Ahmed Godil, the host of PSL ceremony, was the prime target

Sometimes it feels that Twitter is run by a group of bored and sadist individuals who need one punching bag or the other to let their inner demons out. This time it was the entire PCB ceremony in general and its host Ahmed Godil in particular.

Ahmed Godil accused people of harassing him in an emotional video

For a moment, it simply felt the regular trolling and memes which we have become accustomed to. I realized the intensity of the issue later when the host Ahmed Godil first posted against all those who criticized him claiming they were jealous of him. It did not end there.

Ahmed Godil then gave a television interview where he mentioned, overwhelmed with emotions, the harassment he underwent because of the people trolling him on social media. He revealed that his phone number was leaked and people were even contacting him on phone to troll and harass him. Now, this was getting out of the hands and seemed like a pure cyber harassment case. Many netizens were moved and expressed their sympathy for him. He even criticized PCB for not letting him play Ali Zafar’s songs.

PCB fired Ahmed Godil and this time he decided to blame PCB

PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) decided to fire Ahmed Godil from his job quoting his unprofessional behaviour and the poor lad could obviously not stand it. He made another video where he blamed the PCB organizers for being behind the mismanaged event. Now this made the scenario even more complicated.

Social media trolls are usually people hiding behind fictitious identities

Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is one of the biggest issues faced by the netizens these days. This issue is even more serious when it comes to celebrities because people consider them public properties, holding no qualms about expressing their opinion about them on their social media handles. I often wonder if the social media trolls would ever have the audacity to say something hurtful to the celebrities on their face; or for that matter even dare to come forward and speak to them.

What makes celebrities different from the rest of the people is their attitude towards life

Little do we remember that celebrities are also humans and do get affected by the social media trolling. It also affects them the way negativity affects us common people.

However, what sets them apart from the rest of people who do not get to be on the top of their game like the celebrities is their ability to withstand pressures of all sorts. Not only their nature of work demands hard work but it also requires strong will and determination. Many of these celebrities have battled their way through life to achieve what they have today. Hence, their nerves are much stronger than us and it is also kind of a prerequisite for their profession.

There is no excuse for a job badly done

While I have complete sympathy with the PCB host Ahmed Godil for being harassed on the social media, I also feel that it is important to understand all aspects of a profession before venturing into it. No matter which profession you come from, it is important to be skilled enough in your craft in order to be respected by your target market. There is no excuse for a job badly done. Also, if one aspires to make it big, one should also have to prove his/her mettle both in terms of work and attitude. Showbiz today certainly demands nerves of steel.

I hope Ahmed Godil can make a stronger comeback and prove it to the world that he is stronger than the stones hurled at him. If you ever get a big chance in life, you are a winner only if you prove that you are worth it.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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