David Lynch Releases Surprise Short Film, What Would Jack Do? on Netflix

David Lynch Releases Surprise Short Film, What Would Jack Do? on Netflix

David Lynch marked his 74th birthday with a surprise to his fans on Netflix, but releasing one of his short films

For film enthusiasts around the world, it’s time to rejoice as one of the best filmmakers in the world has released his short on Netflix as a surprise to his fans. If you don’t already know who we’re talking about, it’s none other than David Lynch, who treated his fans to a surprise short film on Netflix, called What Would Jack Do? And this surprise doesn’t come without any reason. The filmmaker wanted to ring in his 74th birthday with a little twist this time around - and fans couldn’t be more excited. However, this latest release is not for the regular audience. Someone who is familiar with Lynch’s work, would only be the best person to appreciate or even understand the masterpieces that he creates. And What Would Jack Do? isn’t any different than those either.

The black and white short film is not only directed by Lynch, but also written by him. In fact, he also stars in his short, wherein he investigates a tormented monkey, named Jack, who can talk, as there is a murderer on the lose. Lynch plays a homicide detective. 

The star of David Lynch's What Would Jack Do?

The star of David Lynch's What Would Jack Do?

The short film is quite unsettling for most, but also equally funny - however, no one, apart from Lynch knows if it was intended to be comic or not. What makes the differentiation even more confusing is that Netflix categorised it as a crime drama. But is it really? So in order to completely and accurately understand the short film, one would need to watch it several times - which is currently streaming on Netflix, before it is removed. Yes, we think the artistic piece will only serve as a limited watch on the streaming platform.

Lynch is an American filmmaker, famous for his surrealist films. With a number of projects under his belt, he has developed his own unique cinematic style of films, which are often dubbed as ’Lynchians’. These often have violent content in them, which is why there is a chance that his films might offend or disturb the audiences. The films are characterised by their dream-like imagery and sound design - something that the filmmaker is an expert at as well. 

What did you do?

The filmmaker started his career as a painter in university - which is from where he developed his passion for making films. However, before venturing into full length feature, Lynch started his filming career with a series of shorts before moving on to feature films, music videos and documentaries. His first production was in 1967 when he directed Six Men Getting Sick - which was an animated film blending elements of sculpture and painting. A decade later, Lynch released his first feature film, called Eraserhead - which became a cult classic and launched his commercial career. The film also marked his first collaboration with Jack Nance - who later appeared in several others of Lynch's productions, before he passed away in 1996.

Some of his other famous works include 1980’s The Elephant Man, 1986’s Blue Velvet and 2001’s Mulholland Drive. All of these went on to earn Academy Award nominations. He also released another film, titled Dune - which, however, was a commercial flop. 

Apart from films, Lynch has also forayed into the world of television. He work on Twin Peaks along with Mark Frost - which also went on to become a cult success. After that, the two decided to work on a number of projects together, namely On The Air and American Chronicles. Later, In 2002 Lynch began producing two series of short films which he released on his official website — one was the Flash-animated film called DumbLand and another one, titled Rabbits.

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