Fashion vlogger Hadia Ghaleb's creative fashion solutions

Fashion vlogger Hadia Ghaleb's creative fashion solutions

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Fashion vlogger Hadia Ghaleb's creative fashion solutions
Date Night Queen

If you're an avid Masala! reader, especially the fashion segment, then you probably follow a lot of people on Instagram (I personally follow over a thousand- most of them, fashion stars, local and international). And in that bunch, Hadia Ghaleb, stands out. The Dubai -based Egyptian fashion vlogger is a viral sensation. She shares her perspectives into the mix with quirky, one-of-a-kind, delightfully honest solutions to sartorial problems we're all too familiar with. She gives us her refreshing take to styling your out-and-about outfit using one key separate, and pulling out wardrobe staples to create something you will never forget!


'For my first look I showcase what I always wear during my long office days! I usually pair a black tunic dress under an earthy toned cardigan with a pair of leather boots and a scarf to bring the whole look together. To amp it up I pick a very twirly bold Burgundy skirt to go over the dress and swap the boots with the most sparkly heels I have for the special date night. 

One thing that will always come in handy in any transformation is make-up, it can elevate the look a 100 times more, while still maintain an almost simple natural approach to it. Obviously I won't ever forget to add the bling bling.'


'Swapping my favourite sneakers for a pair of velvet boots will forever be my guilty pleasure. Not only does it scream confidence, it also adds the right amount sassiness to my perfect night out in the town and to take it one step further I embellish the look with my new fur chocker!'


'By wearing a pair of patterned jeans, a light top and sneakers I am able to achieve the one thing I love most for the night look, LAYERING! The light nude top gives me a blank canvas to work with in the constant humidity wave, so adding a leather jacket is always a fun way to uplift the outfit, not to mention that it is a classic piece that will never get out of style.'