Dangal First Look Will Remind You of Lagaan & Ghajini!
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Dangal First Look Will Remind You of Lagaan & Ghajini!

Wonder why?

In the days after PK's successAamir Khan has been preparing for his character in Dangal, in which he plays a wrestler. He began bulking up, investing a lot of time to look like a heavyweight, who takes his daughters to great heights in the wrestling world. Recently, the first look poster of the film was revealed which is completely enthralling, although reminding us of Ghajini and Lagaan.

In the first look, Aamir's mud splattered face stands out with his piercing gaze, which reminded us of Ghajini where the actor had a similar intense look. However, the muddy and earthy feel takes us back to Lagaan where we saw Aamir getting rolled up in village dirt. 

Needless to say, we are excited about what the film is actually all about!


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