Damsa, Episode 25:  Areeja And Damsa Are Finally Reunited - Briefly
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Damsa, Episode 25: Areeja And Damsa Are Finally Reunited - Briefly

In Damsa, Nadia Jamil’s Areeja is captured by Rehman and finds herself coincidentally held in a room next to Damsa and the two reunite – only to be torn apart again

With only two episodes left, “Damsa” is gearing up towards its last action-packed episodes.  “Damsa” focuses on the plight of Areeja, a mother who has lost her daughter, Damsa, to a human trafficking ring.  During the course of her search for Damsa, she has had to make many sacrifices, one such sacrifice being her own marriage.  However, as the drama winds up, so do all the loose ends and Areeja’s life began heading back in a positive direction – until she herself was kidnapped. In episode 25, Areeja (Nadia Jamil) is still missing, locked up in a room away from civilization.  Musa (Shahood Alvi) has begun to realize the error of his ways and finds himself desperately searching for Areeja and Damsa (Emaan Khan) , much to the chagrin of Saman (Moomal Sheikh).  This is a turning point – and a cheering point – for viewers as Musa and Areeja’s differences are finally being cleared up. 

It’s also great to see Musa working with Ahsan (Khalid Malik), who is such a positive figure in this entire show as Areeja’s friend and supporter.  Ahsan has proved to be a true friend, particularly in this episode.  With his mother (Gul E Rana) passing away suddenly, Musa is hit with another wave of grief and Ahsan is there to support him through it all.  Wholehearted praise for Khalid Malik and the way he plays this passionate, down-to-earth character who is honestly the shining light of positivity in a very dark, grim show.  Likewise, Shahood Alvi has been playing Musa convincingly – and while his character became irritating there in the middle in an almost illogical way, its great to see him back on track.

Areeja, in her capture, fights to stay alive and keep moving forward.  She is shocked when she hears a sound and asks if anyone is on the other side of the wall.  Her surprise is furthered when she realizes it’s Damsa on the other side.  The two break down the wall and embrace, relieved to see each other.  However, Rehman (Saleem Mairaj) and his cronies quickly move in and separate the two, dragging Damsa away and knocking Areeja out.  However, with the inspector on the case with Ahsan and Musa, they receive a tip and head out to corner Rehman.  Nadia Jamil and Emaan Khan take an overall backseat in this episode, as does Saleem Mairaj, as the focus is mostly on uncovering Areeja and Emaan’s whereabouts.  But the three perform well, as always.

While both Sofia (Ayesha Gul) and Musa mourn, Saman becomes more frustrated when Musa indicates that he’s only focused on reuniting his family and finding happiness with them once again.  When she asks Sofia if she has her support, a broken Sofia – who is now also fighting for her own child in a custody battle – refuses to answer, saying she will only support her brother.  While viewers know Saman has a psychotic side, that side hasn’t been revealed to the rest of the family yet and it’s clear that she will unravel in this next two episodes.  Moomal Sheikh in this role is something different for her, but to be honest, she isn’t particularly convincing – maybe this will improve in the next couple of episodes.   

“Damsa” continues to be a show that is difficult to watch, but also necessary viewing.  With only two episodes left, all eyes are on “Damsa” to see if this show can give hope to victims of trauma.  Will viewers finally get an uplifting ending where solutions are offered?  Let’s wait and watch!

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By Sophia Qureshi
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