Dalgona Coffee: What Is It, How to Make it and Why It's Going Viral
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Dalgona Coffee: What Is It, How to Make it and Why It's Going Viral

Dalgona Coffee, a whipped coffee drink named after a South Korean toffee, is now going viral on social media sites

Netizens are getting their coffee fix online while practising social distancing and self-isolation. Instagram, TikTok and Twitter are now buzzing with photos and videos of a whipped coffee drink, Dalgona Coffee, which means honeycomb toffee in Korean. This visually appealing coffee first started trending in South Korea when actor Jung Il-woo showed how to make it in January. After being shared on various platforms with the hashtags #dalgonacoffee and #dalgonacoffeechallenge, it quickly gained popularity worldwide. Check out some of the best Dalgona Coffee photos and videos below:

The most popular video, with more than 9 million views, is by Korean YouTuber 자도르J’adore

Many other YouTubers have also come up with their own videos, taking the internet by storm.

Food bloggers and coffee enthusiasts have been sharing their versions of the viral drink.

Many brands have designed their ad campaigns around the trend.

If you want to also be a part of the new social phenomenon and enjoy this two-layered drink during your quarantine, you simply need instant coffee or espresso powder, sugar, hot water and milk. Add two tablespoons of coffee or espresso powder and two tablespoons of sugar to two tablespoons of hot water in a bowl. Then use a spoon or a hand mixer to stir this until its colour changes from brown to beige and the texture becomes thick and foamy. This mixture is then poured onto a glass of hot or cold milk.

Writing about this latest, highly instagrammable food trend, Arunima Gupta noted in The Print how Dalgona Coffee is an excellent example of “South Korea’s soft power in the culinary sphere, or in other words, its gastro-diplomacy.” She compared it to India’s phenti hui coffee, adding, “our culinary traditions have immense potential globally, if only we pay attention.”

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