Daasi, Episode 1:  Off To a Promising Start
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Daasi, Episode 1: Off To a Promising Start

This Adeel Hussain and Mawra Hocane starrer is off to a good start with high production values and colourful sets

The first episode of Daasi has gone on air and the expectations are fairly high with this one.  The drama stars Adeel Hussain, who is making his comeback to television after a gap of 5 years, and Mawra Hocane, last seen in Hum TV’s mega-starrer Aangan.  As this is Adeel and Mawra’s first time working together, viewers have been anticipating watching this fresh pairing in a show touted as a return to romance in a cheerful, light-hearted way.  Now it has to be said that the promos of the show have certainly portrayed romance, but have also shown betrayal, threats of acid throwing and the usual miserable dramatics that have accompanied most dramas of late.  Will viewers be able to count on something refreshingly different with Daasi

The first episode opens with Aahil (Adeel Hussain) at his father’s funeral with his friend Aadil (Furqan Qureshi) by his side.  We are taken through a flashback revealing Aahil’s devotion to his father and the events leading up to his death.  Once informed of his final days, Aahil spends his time sitting and praying by his side.  However, his parents share a complicated relationship void of love and affection after his father (played by Behroze Sabzwari) betrayed his mother (played by Hina Bayat) in the past.  Aahil begs his mother to grant his father’s dying wish, a wish to speak to her and apologize for his past actions.  His mother is unwilling to forgive and has become bitter over time – but as Aahil continues to plead on behalf of his father, she becomes enraged and storms into the room, accusing Aahil’s father of turning her son against her.  During this verbal assault, Aahil’s father passes away, leaving both Aahil and his mother stunned.  Aahil is unable to forgive his mother for her behavior and leaves the house early the next morning. 

Aadil (Furqan Qureshi) works hard as a right-hand-man for his boss, but has eyes for his boss’s sister Aaliyah (Faryal Mehmood). He takes any excuse to visit his boss and/or Aaliyah just so he can see her. Aaliyah’s interest in Aadil is in question at this point, as it has not been revealed whether she likes him or not. 

Aaliyah’s best friend is Sunehri (Mawra Hocane), the heroine of the show.  Sunehri is shown to be a feisty, spirited girl in the stereotypical way:  Flinging her paranda around, playing cricket with street children, yelling loudly in the bazaar while surrounded by glaring chaadar-clad women, fighting with a shopkeeper over dupatta prices – the usual.  She also speaks about herself in third person:  “Sunehri ko kisi ki maddat ki zaroorat nahin hai, Sunehri apnay kaam khud karti hai” (Sunehri doesn’t need help from anyone, Sunehri does things on her own).  She does not indulge her flirtatious cousin, who has a desire to marry her, but will borrow his motorcycle to drive herself home.  Well, you now, Sunehri is oh-so-chirpy and all that comes along with it. 

Aahil comes to Aadil for help and while Aahil cannot stay with Aadil (has this name situation become confusing yet?), Aadil arranges for Aahil to stay with Sunehri’s family.  As Sunehri and Aaliyah are returning home, Sunehri and Aahil bump into each other and Sunehri threatens to file an FRI against him for harassment.  When Sunehri and Aahil discover that they now have to live together, they both appear shocked.

As it’s the first episode, it’s hard to review – most introductory episodes are simply a warm-up to what’s coming next.  But here are some quick thoughts on things that stand out:

1)       This “Sunehri Sunehri” third person conversation that Mawra Hocane’s character is indulging in will get old very quickly.  It needs to stop – by the next episode.  Also, the sequences showing Sunehri’s happy-go-lucky attitude come off as something one would watch in an Indian drama serial – not the best. 

2)      The “Aahil” and “Aadil” names are already very confusing to write out and one has to wonder if this is intentional to create confusion in the show as well?

3)      While the details of the betrayal between Aahil’s parents are not clear to the viewer in detail, it seems as though there are two different sides to the story which will reveal themselves during the course of the show. 

4)      Adeel Hussain’s performance as Aahil is phenomenal in the first episode itself and this only shows how much he has been missed on the small screen. 

5)      The opening sequences shot during Aahil’s father’s funeral are very well executed and have a film-quality to them.  The sets are visually appealing.

How the show continues to play out is something that viewers will have to wait to see, but the first episode is off to a good start!

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By Sophia Qureshi
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