COVID19 Love: How Two Men Are Providing the Much-Needed Distraction From the Pandemic
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COVID19 Love: How Two Men Are Providing the Much-Needed Distraction From the Pandemic

A pandemic is not the best time to fall in love or lust but romantic feelings have a strange way of creeping up

A pandemic is not the best time to fall in love. Or lust. Not just because it seems unethical (for the lack of a better word) but also because it’s logistically impossible. We are under a lockdown, remember? We are expected to be wearing masks and be in quarantine with spouses and partners who we may or may not tolerate. The unattached out there are supposed to remain not-so-blissfully single in isolation. But romantic feelings have a strange way of creeping up unexpectedly, more so, when the men in question are undeniably attractive, incredibly intelligent and disappointingly unattainable!

That’s what appears to have happened to a lot of women in these depressing times. Two men, among the billions, have proved to be the vaccine for the boredom virus that has afflicted ladies cooped up in their homes, frustrated out of their wits. These two silver male linings in the dark corona cloud are separated by a continent, medium and reality. But do we really care? What matters is that they have lifted our spirits and provided us with delicious food for thought and social media chatter. Let’s dissect them one by one. 

Andrew Cuomo is an unlikely candidate for a heartthrob and I must admit, in normal times, not many politically-uninclined women would have heard of him outside the US of A. But these are not normal times! If you have been watching CNN and other news channels, you would be familiar with a silver-haired, serious yet kind gentleman holding one press meet after another, making you sit up and take notice. He comes on air, every day, giving Americans the Covid update; he admonishes them, pleads with them, warns them and cares for them – how can you not get impressed?

There is something about Cuomo; it’s hard to pinpoint what. He speaks with the urgency of a father concerned about his daughter’s safety with a new boyfriend. His slightly whiny but passionate tone is that of a diligent professor, determined to see even his weak students through a tough exam. As any university-educated woman would vouch, we all have that one hot prof who warranted a mega-crush.

For me, that is Cuomo, except that he came into my life through a TV screen 20 years later.
What’s more, he personalizes and humanizes his updates. He talks about his daughters, his daughter’s boyfriends, eating spaghetti and meatballs with his family, and then drives home the point about the importance of staying home. He is obviously not getting too much love from Mr Orangeface but he ploughs on nevertheless, doing what he needs to, for his beloved New York. No wonder, when he asks you to stay home, you want to. Just to make him feel better because you know if you support him now, he will return that with interest in future.

If you love men who go into great details, then Cuomo is your man. When he talks about flattening the curve, the rising curve, the falling curve and other such stuff with precision and certainty, you know the man is in charge. Unlike his big boss, he knows his facts, sticks to them, conveys the message clearly and succinctly, and most wonderfully (for a woman)…. takes responsibility! Plus, when he speaks on TV, you feel he is speaking to YOU, looking at you directly and comforting you. As it turns out, I wasn’t the only one feeling it as this piece proves. Apparently, the internet even wondered if his nipples are pierced, so clearly, we have competition ladies!

Well, whatevaaa! The bottomline is: There is much to love about Andrew Cuomo. When a Hollywood movie is made on the pandemic, I would want Cuomo to get top billing as the ‘one man who changed it all’.

Thief of Hearts
The second silver lining is a work of fiction. But oh boy, what a piece of perfection! The Professor in the season’s biggest Netflix hit Money Heist has become the objection of attraction for a lot of women and with good reason. The Professor aka Sergio Marquina (Alvaro Morte) is a Spanish actor who is an ideal mix of charm, intelligence and hot quotient. He may no George Clooney when it comes to looks or Chris Evans when it comes to abs but his raspy Spanish voice is sexy as hell. Sexier still is his intelligence. (Come on, he managed two multi-million dollar heists!)

The Professor’s appeal doesn’t hit you with gale force; it’s more like a gentle breeze that sways you away. As you stare at the Netflix screen in your pyjamas, with untweezed eyebrows and non-made up face, dipping into chocolate ice-cream for company in quarantine, you can feel something in the pit of your tummy….something that spells lust turning to love. As it did it for the hardnosed yet vulnerable cop Raquel who falls headlong for him in the first season; we don’t blame her.

A man who can make his woman feel special even as he is battling a crisis is one for keeps. That’s what Cuomo does, and that’s what Professor does too. Carrying out the biggest heist of the century can’t be easy but Professor, amidst the robbery, makes time for unexpected love. In one episode, he keeps his promise to Raquel despite some unimaginable disaster at work. He certainly doesn’t believe in standing up on his date! Compare that with the Tinder jerk you met, who perhaps cancelled his meeting with you because he had a presentation coming up. Real men do not make their dates wait and the Professor is very real, except his name. He makes mistakes, has an awkward gait and is far from perfect but he never lets his love down.

Both, Cuomo and the Professor are a sapiosexual’s dream come true. The girls can have their Nick Jonases and Zac Efrons; these men are for us mature women. In an era of fake Instagram likes, they are relatable and responsible (err..okay, one of them is fiction but so what?). A bit flawed but inherently nice, empathetic yet stern, they may not wear capes but are capable of saving the world. And sigh, as we work from home, staring into an uncertain future, these men have dropped in as the antidote to get over Covid blues! So bring ‘em on, I say… I am tuned into CNN and chill!

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