COVID-19: Social Distancing Etiquettes Around Coronavirus

COVID-19: Social Distancing Etiquettes Around Coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic is across the globe and experts are advising social distancing. Here are etiquettes of how to manage this

Coronavirus, that started in Wuhan China, has now spread across continents. So much so that the WHO (World Health Organisation) has termed it the worst pandemic due to the severity of the disease. The global death toll due to coronavirus has crossed 6524 with 170040 cases so far. Countries are going on lockdown, people are stockpiling on essentials, cinemas are closing down, events are getting canceled, theme parks, night clubs are closing down out of fear of the deadly virus' spread.

Why Social Distancing?

Now with the COVID-19 spreading like wildfire, social distancing is kind of becoming a norm that is given in deadly situations like these. Social distancing is extremely important is because pathogens travel from one body to another and affecting everyone in the process. It is also equally important because the researchers have not been able to find a vaccine for the ongoing pandemic. Social Distancing is also why so many events that involve gathering have been called off or postpones as precautionary measures. Now here are some of the etiquettes of Social Distancing that you need to follow.

Etiquettes Of Social Distancing:

Social distancing is a fancy word for avoiding crowds. See it is making us hyper-aware of the different ways our space is invaded daily. but it is about time that we take care of our personal space and follow basic etiquettes without feeling guilty.

1.    Greetings:

Be it Prince Harry’s and Drake style elbow bump or Bollywood style Namaste, a bow anything that does not involve shaking hands is allowed while greetings close ones.. Reconsider kissing, hugging, shaking hands even in small gatherings and parties. Viruses like the coronavirus can be spread by close contact, which is considered anything in the range of six feet. This doesn’t mean you have to keep your distance from everyone.

COVID-19: Social Distancing Etiquettes Around Coronavirus

2.    Schedule Virtual Hangouts With Friends And Family:

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we have lots of ways to keep in touch with the people we are closest to. When possible, connect over the video calls instead of gathering up at one place, scheduling meetings with coworkers through available online tools, talking with family members over Botim, skype or FaceTime. Every time you consider a social gathering, ask yourself one question. Do you need to be in a room together? Ask yourself every time. You could have done that book club meeting by video chat, no big deal.

COVID-19: Social Distancing Etiquettes Around Coronavirus

3.    Stay Six Feet Apart:

If someone is coughing or sneezing within six feet of you, it’s a good idea to turn yourself away from them or even remind them to cough into their elbow if they’re not covering up appropriately. Do not stand/sit directly in front of someone (face to face), always sit on the side. If a person is coughing or sneezing and not using the cough & sneeze etiquette, move away or turn your head away from them.

COVID-19: Social Distancing Etiquettes Around Coronavirus

4.    Go Back To Basics:

The traditional etiquette has a great deal to offer in desperate times like these. For example the practice of good hygiene that includes washing hands before and after meals. In public, don’t rub your eyes, clean your ears, wipe your nose or touch your mouth. Remember the adage “nothing good can happen in polite company with your hands above your shoulders unless you are bringing food to your mouth. Don’t cough or sneeze on others.

COVID-19: Social Distancing Etiquettes Around Coronavirus

5.    Remind About Minding Manners:

Offer them sanitizers, tissues and how they need to maintain a  healthy distance(preferably six feet apart) or how important it is to cough in their elbows to stop the spread of pathogens. Or how they need to wash hands before holding a baby or before and after having meals. It's better to remind them of minding manners rather than risking your and everyone’s health around. Desperate times, desperate measures!

COVID-19: Social Distancing Etiquettes Around Coronavirus

6.    If Taking An Airplane, Skip The Mask:

Many people may want to wear a surgical mask, especially when traveling. It’s not recommended to wear surgical face masks because they do not prevent you from getting sick. What’s more, they could theoretically contribute to you catching something: wearing face masks could increase your chances of getting sick because we naturally touch our face when something is on it. The cabin crew/cleaning staff can use them of course!

COVID-19: Social Distancing Etiquettes Around Coronavirus

Taking care of ourselves is hugely important, and maintaining the social connections that keep our brains happy and communities strong is crucial, too. We are all in this pandemic together, and we will get through it by helping each other. So let's practice the required etiquettes and keep ourselves and everyone around us safe!

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