COVID-19 Response: 20 Financial Affirmations To Help You Through An Economic Crisis

COVID-19 Response: 20 Financial Affirmations To Help You Through An Economic Crisis

As Covid-19 has led to an economic crisis around the world, this might be a good time to repeat these wealth affirmations

The new coronavirus has infected millions of people worldwide while hundreds of thousands of people have died after contracting the virus, which has spread to 212 countries and territories. A large percentage of people in these countries are at home as the infection continues to spread despite preventive measures and restrictions in place. As a result of the lockdown, the COVID-19 crisis has become an economic crisis around the world. It is leading to the loss of revenue for businesses, loss of income for individuals and unemployment. If you have been affected or are feeling uncertain about the future, focusing on the positive and being optimistic can be very tough. These financial affirmations can help you have faith that things will be better eventually and that you can find new ways to survive:

* I enjoy abundance in all areas of my life.
* I have more than enough.
* I can afford everything I want.
* I enjoy financial freedom.
* I remove all resistance to prosperity and success.
* I release all negative energy and fears linked to money.
* I deserve to be paid well for the work that I do.
* I am a money magnet.
* Wealth flows easily to me from different sources.
* My income is greater than my expenses.
* I know how to manage money, spending wisely and saving for the future. 
* I feel secure about my finances.
* I am leading a rich and full life.
* I have the power to achieve more success and increase my wealth.
* I have a positive relationship with money and believe it can co-exist with spirituality.
* My circumstances are improving constantly.
* Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
* My actions are aligned with prosperity.
* Having money has a positive impact on my life.
* I can handle more success.

Some people are skeptical about affirmations and visualisation techniques. However, what these affirmations do is help you have the right mindset and attitude to recognise the resources that you have at your disposal and to do the work that needs to be done in order achieve your dreams and goals.

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