COVID-19: Idris Elba Tested Positive For Novel Coronavirus

COVID-19: Idris Elba Tested Positive For Novel Coronavirus

Iris Elba the British actor, singer, writer, and producer has been tested positive for COVID-19. He announced this on Twitter.

Idris Elba, the British actor, singer, writer, and producer is the latest in the list of the celebrities that have been tested positive for Coronavirus. He took Twitter to share the news with his fans through a video message. According to Idris Elba, although he was not showing any symptoms of the virus he still got himself tested because he had been in contact with someone who had been tested positive for Coronavirus. In his tweet, Idris Elba wrote, ‘This morning I tested positive for Covid 19. I feel ok, I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since found out about my possible exposure to the virus. Stay home people and be pragmatic. I will keep you updated on how I am doing. No panic.’

Idris Elba’s actor and model wife Sabrina Dhowre could also be seen in the video.

According to Idris Elba, his wife Sabrina Dhowre had not been tested for COVID-19 but was showing no symptoms yet.

Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dhowre

Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dhowre

In his video message, Idris Elba urged people to think about social distancing. According to him, there were people not showing any symptoms but could possibly be suffering from the COVID-19. He mentioned that he and Sabrina had informed their families who were supportive of them. Idris Elba categorically stated that transparency was the best thing to do.

Idris Elba added that although it was a divided world, it was now time to show solidarity and think for one another as many people had lost their lives and livelihood. Earlier, Tom Hanks and Mikel Arteta had also been tested positive for coronavirus. Currently there are over 95644 people across the world who are currently infected with the virus.

Idris Elba, the son of African immigrant parents, was born and raised in London. He is famous for many iconic projects like The Wire, Luther, and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.  Idris Elba is a winner of Golden Globe Award for best actor and has been nominated four times. He has also been nominated five times for Emmy Awards. 47-year-old Idris Elba married the 29-year-old Somali Canadian actor and model Sabrina Dhowre in 2019. Sabrina Dhowre was crowned as Miss Vancouver in 2014.

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