COVID-19: 3 Tips to Overcome Anxiety As We Adjust to the New Normal
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COVID-19: 3 Tips to Overcome Anxiety As We Adjust to the New Normal

Here are some ways that we can cope with anxiety because of the new normal that has been given to us by COVID-19

With the world gripped with the global pandemic of covid19, mental health has become of paramount importance. With the routines and plans all over the place, the despair, pain and anxiety are on the rise. Covid-19 has affected the lives of everyone in some way or the other; some are losing loved ones, some losing jobs, some suffering due to isolation and so forth. Here are some ways in which you can cope up with anxiety in these tough times.

1. Pick up a hobby

Watching the news and being glued to the screens for updates on the coronavirus will not help your cause. You need to divert your attention to a fruitful activity like painting, baking, writing etc. Pick up something which interests you, and in no time, you will be able to be hooked onto it. Being busy will help you deal with your anxiety in a better way.

2. Reconnect

Given the busy lifestyles we all have been part of where there is no time for family or friends, now is the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. With the travelling being limited due to lockdown, spend time indoors with your family playing board games, watching movies or doing activities together like cooking and baking. Spending quality time with the family is bound to help with anxiety and make you less worried.

3. Meditation

This can’t be emphasized enough. Good meditation routine helps anytime, but during this crisis, it is a win-win for all. You can practice meditation alone, or you can do it with your family. There are a number of online meditations apps available which can help you get started. Headspace is one such app which offers the first ten sessions free. Give it a go and feel the difference in the way you look at things around you.

Above mentioned ideas is just a tip of the iceberg. The uncertain situation has made everyone sceptical about what the future holds, and the worry about the future continues to take a toll on all of us. Getting worried about the future is a healthy response to the current pandemic, but you need to keep a check that this worry/anxiety should not drain you out. Remember you are not alone in this; we all are in it and we will all make through it together. Be kind and gentle to your yourself in these tough times and empathetic to others around you.

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By Farah Jawad
Farah Jawad is a business graduate with a passion for writing and research