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Manish Arora's first ever Lakme Fashion Week show was a style whirlwind

With bold colours, abstract shapes, unique contemporary designs and a heady mix of wonderful music and mindblowing light work, designer Manish Arora's first ever Lakme Fashion Week show (LFW) was nothing less than a whirlwind of fashion and style.

Manish, who participated in LFW night, tied up with lifestyle brand Philips, who introduced a new range of hair styling products through the show.

The show was inspired by the period of art decor but with a contemporary twist.

"The idea behind the show was art decor 2050. Art decor was a period of 1920s and 1930s when women for the first time decided to leave body fitting clothes and come out loose. So I took elements from people of that era and gave it a futuristic turn," Manish said.

"Since it was a show to launch Philips' new haircare products, I tried to use more of lights and headgears to bring that across and give the feel of equipment," he added.

Manish, whose shows are known to be over the top, started the evening's fare with a bang with laser lights filling the room. Even models were seen sporting glares with laser lights. Coupled with that, the music that included hits by Pink Flyod like 'Another brick in the wall', created an upbeat atmosphere of fun and energy.

The bright and vibrant line also showcased models sporting loud and shimmery make-up and colourful hair-dos, which were specially designed by internationally renowned hairstylist Andy Uffels.

We loved Manish's use of psychedelic colours and those super funky silhouettes. Fashion went pop at the show, and we loved it!

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