Coronavirus Outbreak: US-based Study Has This to Advise About Coronavirus
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Coronavirus Outbreak: US-based Study Has This to Advise About Coronavirus

Experts from the US have advised its citizens to stop visiting salons for the time being so as to safe themselves from contracting the virus

With the coronavirus taking over all over the world, shutting down schools and several businesses, the next one to hit is the beauty industry – not that it hasn’t already been hit with it already. Many people are taking extra measures to keep themselves from contracting the disease, however, now, a US-based study has revealed that people need to stop going to the salon as it can risk them from getting the virus. According to Business Insider, Mitchel Rosen – an associate professor at the Department of Urban and Global Public Health feels that having someone to massage or touch your face could be a bad idea.

Rosen added that if someone has an appointment for a haircut, manicure, pedicure or facial in the coming days, they should cancel it as soon as possible. He said, “People should restrict non-essential appointments and activities. That means things like haircut appointments and nails." In an effort to keep the virus from spreading, US health officials are also advising social distancing and cancelling big events. Rosen continued, “The primary way of cutting down the potential pathway of exposure and transmission is through social distancing. Obviously someone doing your hair or nails is right on top of you.” He also stressed the importance of taking it seriously and commented, “It's not just about you. This is bigger than that. What's the worst thing that happens? You don't get your hair cut today, as opposed to the alternative, where you get sick or get others around you sick."

Another US-based expert who specialises in home and community hygiene and is a professor at Simmons University, Elizabeth Scott shared that every healthy American is likely to know somebody with a risk of severe illness. She said, “We need young, healthy Americans to make smart decisions and take the appropriate actions to reduce the spread to others who are at greater risk in their families and communities. This virus will slip through the weakest links, so we all have to ask ourselves, what are those links in our personal and working lives and what can we do about them."

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