Coronavirus Outbreak: Here’s How Italy is Coping with the Lockdown
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Coronavirus Outbreak: Here’s How Italy is Coping with the Lockdown

As Italy is under lockdown over the many cases of coronavirus in the country, this is what the citizens are getting up to

It seems like 2020 has nothing but bad news. The novel coronavirus has taken all over the world – country-by-country as citizens do their best to take precautions and prevent themselves from contracting the disease. Many health experts from various parts of the world are also telling people to stop shaking hands, hugging or even kissing. Schools and universities in many parts of the world have been temporarily shut down as well with many countries also reporting cases of working from home for many. Some European countries have also gone under lockdown after a number of cases were reported and are doing their best to cope up with the pandemic.

Likewise, one such country under lockdown is Italy. While the first case in the country emerged weeks later after the spread, it quickly skyrocketed as having one of the highest number of cases. Many deaths were also reported in the region, owing to the number of elderly people living there. But as gatherings all across the country have been shut down, citizens had a rather odd – yet special – way to stay positive at this time of crises. People living in apartments in various cities of Italy, headed to their balconies and sang songs and danced with their neighbours.

One of the first videos to come out was that of a town named Siena, where the citizens sang from their apartments to keep their hopes high as the city was in lockdown. In another part of Italy, residents of a community came out to their balconies and performed the steps to the famous song, Macarena, to relieve themselves from some of the tension caused by the coronavirus. In Sicily, the people got their instruments out to their balconies and gammed to songs – in a way to show that they were all in this together – like a nation or a community ought to be.

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