Coronavirus: How the Pandemic Proved that Some People are Really Dumb

Coronavirus: How the Pandemic Proved that Some People are Really Dumb

Stupidity knows no borders. There were people across the world who proved to be proper 'Covidiots'. We select a few such worthies. Don't be them!

A stupid person who stubbornly ignores social distancing protocol, thus helping to further spread COVID-19.

Coronavirus: How the Pandemic Proved that Some People are Really Dumb

Every crisis situation throws up new lessons for us to learn. Amid all the devastation that a calamity causes – economic, physical, emotional or financial –  there is always a silver lining that gives us mere mortals a ray of hope. Take the instance of the dreaded Coronavirus. We agree, ever since the Coronavirus pandemic broke a couple of months ago, there have been very few reasons to feel good. Country after country has gone under lockdown, the death toll has been steadily rising, a vaccine seems to be a far-off possibility as of now, massive events have been postponed or cancelled and there is a general sense of doom and gloom.

But fret not! Even these dismal times have thrown up some positives. And the biggest one is that this pandemic has shown us in full glory who the most idiotic people on the planet are!

Now, the world is not short of dumb people.  But it is nice to identify them so that the next time you encounter them or anyone like them , you know what to do – run in the opposite direction. In fact, they are the best specimens to practise your social distancing skills.

So who are these dumb folks? In the context of the pandemic, they are definitely the people who break the very basic rule of combating coronavirus – stay at home! Over the last few weeks, from celebrities to your aunties and uncles next door, have indulged in such incredibly bad behavior that you can’t but show a massive eye roll and scream ‘WTF was that??’. What’s more, just like the virus, stupidity is also democratic – it was seen among people cutting across class, religion, race and nationality

Here is a comprehensive list.


Coronavirus: How the Pandemic Proved that Some People are Really Dumb

Well Kanika sagely said she was detected with COVID-19 and advised her followers to take all precautions. But it was only later that her actions revealed how she endangered not just herself but also a lot of others. Kanika allegedly not only hid her travel history, she attended parties and went shopping! When she was quarantined, she threw a tantrum complaining about (the lack of) facilities in the hospital. Imagine, the authorities had to come out with a statement asking her to behave like a patient and not a star! Even the gluten-free food she was served in the hospital didn’t improve her temperament. And now comes the news that she has tested positive for the THIRD time.
Girl, what were you thinking!


Indian PM Narendra Modi announced a janta curfew a few days ago before the lockdown was announced. He also had a request – to start clapping on the balconies or bang plates to show the appreciation for health workers and essential service providers for the wonderful job they have been doing. Now, the PM may have had good intentions but unfortunately, he discounted his fans’ enthusiasm. A lot of people felt this was the license to celebrate after the curfew was over. Others thought the vibration of clapping would drive away the virus. They got this bright idea from whatsapp forwards. But naturally! The result? After 5pm, the thaali banging spilled on to the streets and it led to a full-fledged curfew festival. After all, how can a mere virus keep the spirits of desis down? Of course, a simple rule – keep away from groups of people and stay indoors as you are expected to do in a curfew – was forgotten.

The Thaali-bangers were not alone. In far away US, they met their counterparts on a Florida beach. Now this group of entitled, utterly foolish youngsters partied their corona worries away. Actually they didn’t have any worry. Watch them and feel sorry for the future generation! Not surprisingly five of tested positive. Now let’s go parrttty baby!

What is it about beaches and idiots? In Australia things were not different as beaches continued to be flocked by beach bummers. Probably the sunny shores were their homes! The authorities had to step in. 

Sigh, who would have thought that the venerable Big B would make it to this list? The megastar had his intentions in the right place. Instead of creating panic, he wanted to give hope. Unfortunately, he chose whatsapp forwards instead of a scientific  or cogent argument to make his point clear. The result was this post.

“AN OPINION GIVEN: 5 pm; 22nd Mar, ‘amavasya’, darkest day of month; virus, bacteria evil force at max potential & power! Clapping shankh vibrations reduce/ destroy virus potency. Moon passing to new ‘nakshatra’ Revati, cumulative vibration betters blood circulation.” He added in Hindi: “Someone sent this to me. Don’t know how much of this is true.”

Coronavirus: How the Pandemic Proved that Some People are Really Dumb

Thankfully he deleted it later when social media celebrated the stupidity. Well, you see Mr B, social media does not forget!

Yes, we know that you are religious. We respect your belief in the universe and the Alimighty. We also marvel at your ability to think positive. What we can’t understand is how is congregating in one place for an activity can keep you safe from Corona. While the world over, worshippers have been discouraged from going to mosques, temples and churches (with many such places of worship suspending services), some not-so-gentlemen think they are immune. If only!!!

Maria who? Wait, let’s explain. Maria Butt or Maria B as she is known is a Pakistani designer who decided to be too clever by half. She and her husband sent home their cook after he tested positive for COVID-19, without alerting the authorities. The cook went in a bus and no one knows how many people he may have infected! The authorities acted swiftly and arrested Maria B’s husband but instead of feeling remorseful she went ahead and releaseda a video calling the arrest unfair. Netizens were not impressed.

In Pakistan six government officials in Sindh province did something stunningly stupid – they took a selfie with a colleague who tested positive! The cops had held a close meeting with one of their colleagues who had returned from Iran and later tested positive for the virus.

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