Coronavirus is Likely to Develop Into a Pandemic, Researchers Fear

Coronavirus is Likely to Develop Into a Pandemic, Researchers Fear

Coronavirus 2020 started in Wuhan, China but has now affected nearly 23 countries around the globe

Coronavirus has been doubling every six days since it started. According to the researchers and experts, this is likely to develop into a ‘pandemic’ and no longer remain an epidemic. While an epidemic affects a large number of people in the same area, a pandemic is an epidemic of a global scale spanning over two or more continents. This implies that the Coronavirus is likely to take the entire world under its wings and spread much greater destruction than what it has caused until the time of writing. It is a highly contagious disease which can spread merely by the touch, sneeze, and food of the affected person. The spread of Coronavirus is almost as rapid as cold or flu.

In the past three weeks, the number of confirmed cases has soared from 50 to 17,000 in no less than 23 countries. The death toll is now 360 plus. While earlier there were no deaths outside China, a casualty was reported in the Philippines yesterday marking the first Coronavirus death outside China.

Coronavirus is Likely to Develop Into a Pandemic, Researchers Fear

According to Dr Peter Piot, the director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, even 1% mortality rate could mean 10,000 death in one million people.

Since a study has also claimed that Wuhan virus can also be transmitted by asymptomatic carriers, this makes the control on the epidemic even more difficult. People from other countries who have been evacuated by their governments might still be in the incubation period of Coronavirus and thereby cannot be detected for the symptoms easily.

Coronavirus can be particularly troublesome and problematic in continents like Africa which have over 1 million Chinese expatriate population but do not have any effective screening methods and equipment. This is why Nigeria and a few other African countries sought training and equipment from the WHO. However, the silver lining is that the Coronavirus is most likely to go away as the weather changes. But for now, it has not only created an environment of fear in the world but has also affected global trade and travel to China.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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