Coronavirus in UAE: Updated Timings for Malls

Coronavirus in UAE: Updated Timings for Malls

New mall timings have been announced after the sterilization campaign has begun

There are new rules in place in the UAE about the sterilization campaign that had been going on earlier but had different timings in Ramadan. There are new timings in place now in addition to more rules regarding moving out and about. Check them out below.

8pm to 6am curfew introduced
Food and union co-op keep to normal hours
butchers, coffee shops etc. from 6am to 8pm
30% capacity in shops and 2-metre distance
Shopping malls to open from 9 am to 7 pm
Children below 12 and adults over 60 not allowed in malls

Download the Al-Hosn app, there is a 10k DHS fine if you do not download the app. This app is for your protection and the protection of those around you. It actively tracks anyone with Covid-19 who you may have come in contact with.

Further to this more instructions include:

Avoid visits and gatherings over Eid
Physical distribution of eid gifts to be avoided
Exercise near the house for 2 hours, no more than 3 individuals with social distancing
Domestic helpers not to meet anyone outside the house
Eid prayer at home
Try not to leave unless essential
50000 fine for home quarantine violation
Fines for commercial and retail locations if no thermal scanning
Those who organise gatherings 10000 fine and 5000 fine for participants
More than 3 passengers 3000 fine, immediate family exempted if a larger number.
3000 DHS fine for no appropriate mask in public or in workspace.
Violating physical distancing in retail or malls 5000 fine
In general, all individual violaters 3000 fine, i.e out in curfew or not wearing mask etc.

Currently there are 4,909,210 cases of Covid-19 in the world and 24,190 in the UAE. 9,577 Covid-19 patients in the UAE have recovered and 224 individuals have passed away. The UAE has also conducted over 1.6 million tests so far.

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