Coronavirus in UAE: Latest Updates

Coronavirus in UAE: Latest Updates

The UAE government has launched a mental health support hotline in the UAE

COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China. It later turned into a pandemic and currently, there are almost 5 million cases of the Covid-19 across the world. The pandemic has not only affected people’s mental and physical health but also the economy. As social distancing and maintaining a good hygiene routine is the only way out in the current scenario, the world is figuring how to go back to work and businesses.

Current Cases in the UAE:

The UAE just announced another 873 cases in the UAE and 3 deaths from the novel coronavirus. Total number of recovered cases is 10791. The total number of deaths in the UAE from the novel coronavirus is 227 whereas the total number of cases are 25063.

New Laws and Fines in the UAE:

Not wearing a mask has a 3000 dirham fine. Not downloading the Al Hosn app which monitors the spread of Covid-19 has a 10000 dirham fine. 

Mall Timings:

As per the new sterilization program rules, the mall timings will be from 9 am to 7 pm. For a full list of new timings see this resource.

Eid Rules:

The government has advised to avoid visits and gatherings over Eid and avoid the physical distribution of eid gifts. Eid prayer is also to be offered at home.

Expats Can Return to UAE June 1st:

As of June 1, expatriate residents of the UAE can come back. Previously, due to lockdown, all visas for employment entries were suspended.

Mental Health Support Hotline Launched:

The UAE National Programme for Happiness and Wellbeing announced a mental health hotline to support individuals' mental health and psychological wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic, reported WAM. The hotline is titled 'Mental Support Line' and it aims to provide initial psychological counselling and support to community members. The toll-free support line, 800-4673 (HOPE), will enable individuals to reach out via telephone calls or the social network messaging app 'Whatsapp'. The service is available in Arabic and English.

Awareness Platforms in the UAE:

UAE has launched Weqaya in different languages (Urdu, English, Arabic, Hindi) in order to raise awareness about coronavirus and resolving any community issues.

These Parks and Beaches to Reopen

According to a report in Khaleej Times, Dubai public parks opened for gatherings of five people or fewer last week. However, as per rules, you have to make sure you are not sick, you're wearing masks and gloves and you have to have hand sanitizers with you.

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