Coronavirus in the UAE: Schools, Universities to Continue with E-Learning till June 2020

Coronavirus in the UAE: Schools, Universities to Continue with E-Learning till June 2020

The Ministry of Education has made the decision to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

If you are a parent worried about your kids staying at home and having to practise e-learning, then your woes are not going to end any time soon. The Ministry of Education has now announced that the distance e-education that started a few weeks ago, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, will be extended until the end of the academic year - meaning, June 2020.

The Gulf News reported that for the next three months, students of all schools and private universities will have to follow this system. Only the examinations will be held within these institutions. Thus far, the UAE has been taking stringent measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, including sterilasation programmes and lockdowns from 8pm to 6am for the same. The step towards extending the e-learning for schools and universities is in continuation of these steps. 

The ministry had recently formed a committee from various central departments in Dubai to provide special needs of the distance education system. The committee not only presented a detailed study on the fallouts of COVID-19, it also studied the extent of its impact on the progress of education in the event of the resumption of studies inside schools. It also identified the strengths and weaknesses of distance education to take the appropriate decision about continuing to work until the end of academic year or resumption of studies. As it turns out, the period of e-learning has now been extended. 

Over the last few days, schools and other educational institutions have devised mechanisms and apps where students and parents have been provided with a password that enabled them to follow instructions, communicate with teachers, send notes and other exercises. 

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