Coronavirus in India: Couple Holds Their Wedding Over An App During Lockdown

Coronavirus in India: Couple Holds Their Wedding Over An App During Lockdown

A couple who was due to wed decided to hold a virtual wedding ceremony instead of cancelling it

The Coronavirus outbreak has turned everyone's life topsy-turvy. Events have been cancelled, there are no celebrations or gatherings anywhere and people have been strictly asked to adhere to self-isolation. The lockdown - an essential step to contain the spread of the virus - has indeed changed everything. However one enterprising Indian couple didn't allow the lockdown to come in the way of celebrating the most special moment of their life - their wedding! 

Preet Singh, a merchant navy officer based in Mumbai and Neet Kaur, based in Delhi were due to get married on April 4 after a year-long relationship. Needless to say, their plans were put into disarray thanks to the lockdown and it would have joined the long list of cancelled or postponed weddings and parties in the country. But that's where technology came to their rescue. 

The duo decided to stick to the date and they exchanged vows over a video calling app, with their friends and family joining in virtually from places as far as Dubai, Canada and Australia. Not just that, they took their digital wedding quite seriously and everyone dressed for the occasion and broke into speeches and congratulatory messages at the end of it all. 

"We were heartbroken because we had been planning the wedding for six months. But every cloud has a silver lining and we found ours too," Preet told The Times of India.  

Interesingly, theirs is total digital love story. Preet and Neet met online a year ago and started dating and it was six months ago that they decided to get married. Like several other couples, who, it has been reported postponed their wedding, this duo didn't back out. Instead, they got their families into confidence and zeroed in on a time - 11.30 am - when it was convenient for everyone in their family to log in. Apparently, chocolates and other sweets were kept ready by the guests and once the ceremony was over, they celebrated. Unfortunately, Preet's bachelor party in Goa had to be cancelled and the honeymoon has had to be postponed. 

The loved-up couple are hoping the lockdown ends soon and they can begin their wedded life together! 

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