Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe Once Lockdowns Lift

Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe Once Lockdowns Lift

Coronavirus is still very much a pandemic and there is no cure or vaccine yet. Here is how you can stay safe when life comes out of lockdown

Lockdowns around the world are easing. Life may 'seem' like it's going back to normal but it really won't. Not until the scientists of the world develop a drug/vaccine for coronavirus. Currently, that seems months away. The global economy is still in a meltdown mode and will continue to be in this phase until a drug finally comes and everyone is able to go back to 'life' as they knew it.

Here are a few things to remember as lockdowns soften and some semblance of our 'old life' comes back.

1. Social Distancing is Still Very Important.

Until a drug or vaccine comes our way, the best way to stay safe is to continue practicing social distance as much as we possibly can. This means avoiding handshakes, hugs etc.

2. Keeping Good Hygiene is Still Very Important.

Washing hands after using the bathroom and keeping our houses and offices and schools clean is very important and will stop the spread of the virus.

3. If It Can Be Done Distantly, Please Do It.

Meetings, sessions - what have you. If they can be done via a remote connection, it is probably a good idea to do it that way. As experts have suggested, the pandemic has accelerated many digital strategies for the world that it was planning to implement anyway.

4. Crowding Won't Help.

Best to steer clear of big crowded events in 2020. We know it's easier said than done but it's for everyone's benefit.

5. Disinfection is Key

Using disinfectant or a sanitizer is important in our daily life routines now. Governments should also try to turn disinfection of public spaces into a regular occurence.

Coronavirus has so far impacted the entire world with over 3.6 million cases and 250 thousand deaths. US, UK, Europe have been the hardest hit with US topping the number of infected cases. Countries such as Australia and New Zealand have been successful in flattening the curve by using effective screening and lockdown methods. The UAE has also conducted massive testing and has conducted over 1,200,000 tests and has advised about healthy behaviors. It currently has around 15000 cases and has had over 3000 recoveries. UAE has kept strict measures for companies and retail outlets as it is under partial lockdown in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

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