Coronavirus: How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Coronavirus: How to Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Due to travel restrictions and social distancing, many couples currently find themselves in long distance relationships

Many couples around the world are currently in long distance relationships due to unexpected travel restrictions, self isolation and social distancing, following the spread of COVID-19. While many people are worried about health and finances, others have to face the additional stress of how their relationship is going to survive this crisis, especially if it’s a new relationship. Here are some tips on how you can maintain a healthy long distance relationship during this time:

Spend date night online - You can dress up and even create an environment for a date (such as candlelight dinner), and eat together while video chatting.

Send voice notes - During the day you can send voice recordings about different things you want to share with them, instead of simple text messages.

Share music - You can share your daily playlist with them. Or if you play any instruments, you can play something for them on video chat.

Cook or do daily chores together - If time zone is not an issue, you can follow a similar routine and actually prepare meals and do other chores while talking to them.

Play games - You can do crossword puzzles or play other games online, especially if you run out of things to talk about.

Make future plans - Make a list of all the things you would like to do or places you would like to visit with them once the separation finally comes to an end. Share it with them and ask them to come up with a similar bucket list.

It’s also good to communicate your concerns around the current situation, especially if you are struggling with stress and anxiety, and listen to your partner’s concerns. However, it is also important to find other ways of managing your mood, such as by journaling, meditating, speaking to an online counsellor, etc. Accept that the circumstances are unusual and everyone might have unexpected reactions on different days. Keep reaching out to and spending time with friends online and/or live with family while your partner is away.

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