Coronavirus: How to Maintain Healthy Boundaries With Your Family

Coronavirus: How to Maintain Healthy Boundaries With Your Family

Maintaining healthy physical and emotional boundaries while living with family during the lockdown is critical to helping your relationships survive

The coronavirus outbreak has led to lots of home time for families. Spending weeks indoors with your spouse, kids or other family members can be rewarding and stressful at the same time, especially due to the high level of uncertainty in the environment, with new, unexpected developments every day. In order to avoid major mood swings and any serious damage to your close relationships, it is important to maintain strong, healthy boundaries with family members. Here are some of the things you can do:

* Make a schedule and follow it. Include everything that you need to get done on each day, including work, house chores, self-care rituals, etc.
* Share your schedule with your partner or other family members, to make sure everyone respects your time and space boundaries.
* If you are working and so are other people in your family, carve out separate work spaces, even if space is limited.
* Avoid things that can trigger emotional reactions. For example, if your family likes watching the news regularly or is active on social media, but the excessive media coverage instantly triggers you, avoid participating in these activities and communicate how they make you feel.
* Check in on your family members during the day but tell them if you are not ready for a conversation which will emotionally drain you.
* Take self-care and me-time very seriously, and don’t miss out on meditation, praying, warm baths, journaling or any other rituals that help you take a break and manage stress.
* As the current crisis has led to immense pressure on everyone, it is also important to find other spaces where you can vent and share your frustrations, instead of talking to your partner or family all the time about your concerns.

* Talking to an online counsellor or joining an online support group might be the way to go. You can also make some time to connect with friends and extended family via Zoom or Skype.

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