Coronavirus Home Tests Now Available in UAE: Read Details!

Coronavirus Home Tests Now Available in UAE: Read Details!

You can now have a coronavirus test at home and the results come back in 24 hours.

Currently there are 23,358 cases of Coronavirus or Covid-19 in the UAE. There have been 220 deaths and 8512 patients have recovered. UAE has conducted over 1,600,000 tests since the advent of the current pandemic. It has introduced drive-in test centres and is providing various platforms for coronavirus awareness as well.

In a new method to combat coronavirus, a health group named Avivo has began home-based tests for Covid-19. 

The test costs 400 dirhams. Dr Atul Aundhekar, CEO of the group talked to Gulf News and was reported as saying, "We offer the Reverse Transcriptase Polyemrase Chain Reaction (rTPCR) test at home. This test is the gold standard diagnostic tool for COVID-19. We have a home car division and are licenced to send health care workers home on call. Many people are scared to venture out, including the elderly, those with children and determined people, for them it could be cumbersome to drive to a test centre.”

“There are two kinds of action required if the test result is positive,” said Dr Aundhekar speaking to Gulf News. “If the individual is asymptomatic, as per guidelines, they can be quarantined at home. If for some reason like shared home space of lack of space, he or she is unable to home quarantine, then the individual can be shifted to an isolation centre in any of the hotels, being run by many hospitals. The mild symptom cases also have to be moved to such an isolation centre. Other than than, anyone with moderate, severe or critical symptoms is moved to a hospital as per the current protocol issued by the health authorities.”

You can call 050-291-9005 or 055-548-8911. The tests come back after 24 hours. UAE has also been proactive in helping those who are underprivileged. It launched the initiative of 10 million meals and is also providing food for the deserving in Ramadan.

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