Coronavirus: Flydubai Staff Takes Three Month Pay Cut

Coronavirus: Flydubai Staff Takes Three Month Pay Cut

Coronavirus impact on the financial world continues as Flydubai staff now has to take a three-month pay cut

A statement from the Flydubai spokesperson, as reported in Arabian Business, said, “The airline has had to adapt to this fast-evolving situation and to protect employment has taken the decision to reduce the salaries of employees for a three-month period from April 2020. This decision has not been taken lightly. It has been made to offer some stability at a time of uncertainty and to minimise the impact on all its employees when the normal pattern of life has been disrupted.”

The airline went on to say that 'measures have been taken by the airline to avoid employees at a lower grade from being impacted'. It also added that there is 'no change to employees’ benefits'.

The decision was taken with a 'heavy heart' added the spokesperson, 'but with the aim of retaining our employees and ensuring we are in the best possible place when our regular schedule resumes'.

Earlier Emirates Airline had asked its staff members to take voluntary paid and unpaid leave as an impact of Covid-19. Emirates had stopped most of its flights stating that the move was ‘painful but pragmatic’ and had said it had taken the decision to save jobs and avoid cuts. However, the SkyCargo operations are said to be continuing. Malls, cinemas, restaurants and parks in the UAE are currently shut.

Arabian Business had further reported that "airlines worldwide could lose $252 billion in revenue this year, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic". A report in CNBC suggested that the "outbreak will mean all advanced economies will suffer a recession this year, with the world’s largest economy set to register a 3% drop in year-on-year annual gross domestic product (GDP)". Expo 2020 is also likely to be delayed, said a statement issued earlier. The statement said that the BIE (The Bureau international des expositions, an intergovernmental organization created to supervise international exhibitions falling) will work with its member states and Expo 2020 Dubai organisers to see a change in dates.

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