Coronavirus: 6 Tips To Keep Hands Soft And Supple Amidst Constant Washing

Coronavirus: 6 Tips To Keep Hands Soft And Supple Amidst Constant Washing

Here are some of the tips to keep your hands moisturised and healthy while washing them often amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Amidst the rampant spread of Coronavirus, 598,114 confirmed cases and 27,372 deaths to date precisely,  experts from the World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control And Prevention(CDC) have strictly advised everyone to constantly wash hands and keep them sanitized at all times to keep them germ and infection-free. Be it any pandemic, in this case, Coronavirus or similar circumstances, washing hands is one of the most effective ways to keep germs and infections away. Now while it is necessary to wash hands frequently, it also may strip the hands off of their natural moisture and make them dry and chapped.

As we diligently wash hands more frequently than usual, skin experts share tips that can help keep your skin healthy.

1.    Wash Hands With Luke Warm Water:
Since the recommended guidelines are to scrub your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, that is surely going to strip your hands off your natural moisture amidst constant washing. Hence it is advised to wash hands in lukewarm water rather than hot water. Washing in warm water will keep your hands from getting dry and chapped. So if you may wash hands with lukewarm water and lots of soap.

Coronavirus: 6 Tips To Keep Hands Soft And Supple Amidst Constant Washing

2.    Use A Moisturising Or A Gentle Soap:
Now if you are washing your hands as consistently as you should be, it is a given that the hands will dry because of the constant use of water. Hence go for a soap that does not completely dry your hands. It is recommended to look for a soap that is moisturising or marked as “Gentle” to prevent drying out your skin. For example, a soap with a creamy consistency and ingredients like Lanolin and glycerin should be taken into account while buying a liquid soap. Try and avoid buying soap bars as the high PH levels in bars tend to dry the skin in comparison to liquid soaps that are less drying.

3.    Pat/Blot Dry Your Hands:
Right after when you are done washing, don’t go on wiping your hands aggressively with a towel. Instead, blot dry your hands to prevent micro-abrasions on the skin. Paper towels, in this case, are highly recommended. If not, then it is suggested to keep separate cloth towels for everyone in the house and towels should be replaced with clean ones every 3 days. It is also important to make sure that the hands are completely dried because germs transfer easily on wet hands.

4.    Apply Moisturiser Right After Washing:
Applying moisturizing to your skin is synonymous with applying a DIY cucumber mask on your face. It helps in hydrating the hands and making them soft and supple to no end. But it is equally important as to what kind of moisturiser one uses. To prevent a drier and tighter skin, be sure to immediately apply hand cream afterward. Even a light layer will do. Instead of using hand lotions, use hand creams and ointments that include Occulives, humectants, and Emollients. Use them after every wash, before bedtime and whenever your hands feel dry.

Coronavirus: 6 Tips To Keep Hands Soft And Supple Amidst Constant Washing

5.    Wear Gloves to Seal The Moisture In:
In addition to applying a moisturizer to damp skin after washing, to soak your hands in plain water for 5 minutes, then apply a moisturizer, and wear gloves for 1 to 2 hours. This will ensure that the surface moisture gets where it needs to go. For really chapped hands, heavily moisturize hands with thick cream and wear cotton gloves overnight. Much like a facial sheet mask, the gloves will keep your hands moisturized for 6 to 8 hours allowing the skin on the hands to get some needed TLC.

Coronavirus: 6 Tips To Keep Hands Soft And Supple Amidst Constant Washing
6.    Keep Sanitisers Handy At All Times:
Sanitisers, are a great alternative to clean and germ-free hands. Always keep sanitisers handy when you are out and about or especially when your hands feel chappy and dry, these are great substitutes. Hand sanitizer is another option to limit handwashing until the skin recovers, but not before eating, after going to the bathroom, or when hands are visibly soiled that should involve handwashing. The ongoing pandemic demands that we must scrub our hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. Anything less than that might result in cross-contamination and increased sickness and of course the danger of spreading infection. So let us be careful and responsible for ourselves and others.

Coronavirus: 6 Tips To Keep Hands Soft And Supple Amidst Constant Washing

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