Coping with Covid-19: How To Stop Overthinking Things
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Coping with Covid-19: How To Stop Overthinking Things

It's a tough time around the world and the only thing that can change things is ... well. Waiting them out.

A wise man once said that he once tried chaning the world - but then he grew wiser and decided to change himself instead. It's a cliche - as most wisdom quotes are. But it's true. There are so many things we can't change about the world. There's a lot that is beyond our control. The best that we can do is change ourselves and our response to it.

As coronavirus continues to grow across the globe, scientists and experts want everyone to practice social distancing and stay at home. One of the immediate effects of staying at home is cabin fever. If you live in Dubai or any other urban centre, going 'out' of the house is just a daily practice and something you may not have enough thought about before any of this happened. Dubai's night life is quite famous with various restaurants and during great weather, the beaches and the other tourist attraction spots are always swarming with people. So no one could have thought that there would be a time where none of us could go outside our houses at all.

But it's important to stay at home and stay safe. Dubai's government has urged everyone to stay at home and has announced a lockdown since last night. You can now only go out for essentials and medicine - or if you need to be tested for Covid-19. Otherwise stay put. No, seriously. Stay put.

Once you're put, you may, like a lot of others, fall into the trap of overthinking. What will happen to my children's academic year (e-learning isn't the same)? What will happen to my job? How will the finances work out? Job cuts? How will the rest of the year look like?

No one can answer these questions right now - and anyone who claims that they can are bluffing. Right now the only thing we have is the here and now and maybe a distant 24 hours in which we are safe within our homes. Dubai government has rolled out various stimulus packages and companies will eventually try to keep themselves afloat. But other than that, no one can make any guesses.

So the overthinkers have to stop.

Precisely because things aren't in your control. You can't change or fix them just by freaking out. And you freaking out isn't going to help you either. The best way to cope is to be practical, realistic and have some hope in the possibility of the world healing from this. 

I'm saying this because I'm an overthinker too. It's a struggle not to freak out immediately at the very smidgen of the idea of things going completely south. But I try to constantly remind myself that my freaking out is not going to help anything or anyone. 

Of course this article isn't for people who are have to stay in the line of fire. The health workers and all other professionals who still have to go out and face the storm while we can comfortably nest at home and freak out. For all those professionals and individuals all I can do is thank them for their service. But for those like me who are fortunate enough to sit at home and wait for everything to blow over as the mind conjures at least 40 different doomsday scenarios, we can try to be as grateful as we can for what we have in the here and the now. 

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