Confirmed! Ranbir Kapoor is Working with 'Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety' Director Luv Ranjan
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Confirmed! Ranbir Kapoor is Working with 'Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety' Director Luv Ranjan

Luv Ranjan talks about his casting coup - getting Ranbir Kapoor and AJay Devgn on his next project after the mammoth success of Sonu Ke Titu ki Sweety

After the staggering success of  Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety(SKTKS) director Luv Ranjan is on a  roll. As  he  devotes some  time to producing  films for his colleagues, he has  managed to rope in the eye-popping star-combination  of  Ajay Devgn and  Ranbir  Kapoor for his next directorial  venture.

Confirming the casting coup for the first time Ranjan says, “Yes, it is Ajay Devgn and Ranbir Kapoor I am  directing next. It’s not as if  I decided to  cast them to create some kind of a sensational headline. All I had in mind were the characters that I wanted them to play. I  thought these two fitted the  bill the  best. Luckily for me  they felt the same.”

So  what  kind of film would it be?  “It’s too early to tell you that on-record, though I don’t mind sharing the  details  with you off the record. Here I can tell  you this. I won’t be doing anything in this film that would subscribe to the image that I’ve created  in my Pyaar Ka Punchanama films and in SKTKS. In this country we tend  to slot  not  only actors  but also directors. I  don’t want  to be  known as  the  director who makes those films where the  guys have an issue with the women in their lives. If you look at my filmography my  second film Akash Vani had nothing to do with  the genre that I am  identified with. I  want to constantly reinvent myself  and confuse audiences about which genre I am comfortable with.”

Confirmed! Ranbir Kapoor is Working with 'Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety' Director Luv Ranjan

Luv Ranjan and Ajay Devgn 

Neither Devgan nor Ranbir is known to do two-hero films. How did they agree to come  together in  Luv Ranjan’s  film? Ranjan shrugs off the  comment.  “Again, that’s  a myth created by filmmakers who approach two heroes  just to create an interest in the market.  If you give the actors  the characters that they are comfortable with they’ve no issues with what another actor is doing. Both  Ajay and Ranbir liked their characters. They are not looking at what the  other actor is doing.”

Luv Ranjan’s  film goes  on  the  floors mid-2019. “That’s when both the actors are free together. So far I’ve only shared  the plot on an idea level with them. But on that level itself my narration was detailed enough for both the actors to agree to be part of  my film.”

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