WIN! An Iftar Voucher for Two At The Gem Garden, Holiday Inn Al Barsha

It’s Ramadan time and what better way to break your fast than at this restaurant
An Iftar Voucher for Two At The Gem Garden, Holiday Inn Al Barsha
The Gem Garden at Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha will be offering a traditional iftar buffet featuring a lavish selection of Arabic and international dishes with Ouzi. Guests will enjoy, amongst other culinary delights, a wide array of salads, soups, main courses including grilled items. Making it extra special are refreshing Ramadan juices and a delectable variety of desserts. The authentic Middle Eastern ambience, beautiful setting will further complement the experience of diners at the restaurant.

Moreover, this year to demonstrate tolerance of different factions of humanity and to demonstrate Tolerance‘s spiritual meaning, HIAB has brought in the theme of Arabic Calligraphy by hosting an event for the staff to learn to write Ramadan Kareem in three popular styles of Arabic calligraphy: Kufic, Nasta'liq, Thuluth amongst several others.

The reflections of The Year of Tolerance can also be witnessed in HIAB’s acts of generosity and benevolence. As this month marks a time of spirituality for all Muslims, Holiday Inn Dubai - Al Barsha’s diverse workforce takes pride in helping hungry in the world without any religious or cultural discrimination.

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