Coke Studio Season 12, Episode 4, to be aired on Friday

Coke Studio Season 12, Episode 4, to be aired on Friday

Coke Studio 12 Episode 4 will star Ali Sethi with Shahzad Ali and Fazal Abbas, Sahir Ali Bagga, Aima Baig, and Sanam Marvi

With euphonious music, rhythms, and stirring poetry, Episode Four of Coke Studio Season 12 will unerringly be one of the best works of art produced in contemporary times. A variation of the song Gulon Main Rung, originally sung by Mehdi Hassan and written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, in the voice of Ali Sethi, is an artful reminder of the great poet’s subtle ways of interlocking expressions of romance and love with those of integrity in society. Gulon Main Rung is about the fervor of a lover for the beloved’s return, associating it with bringing colors and bloom to flowers. It is poignant and emblazons true love, bringing all the traditional gist of the original ghazal back to life with contemporary instruments.

“When you express your feelings through your voice and poetry, you are inviting people to recognize their own emotions. Music is a miracle. If you move someone’s heart with music, all differences between you and them are wiped away for a bit.” said Ali Sethi.

Dhola by Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bagga is another magnificent track, which celebrates love in all its glory. Composed in Seraiki by Sahir Ali Bagga, the song is about a tête-à-tête between two lovers, and explores the vulnerability and joy of being in love, in a frisky manner. “I always want to make music that relates to my land, my culture and my home. Our raags, our beats, our lyrics – these are our own colors. I want to give my fans the kind of music that shows these colors.” said Sahir Ali Bagga.

“Music doesn’t have a language, it’s about the feeling. You have to put a lot of soul into whatever you are making. Music doesn’t work if you’re only doing it for money or professionally. It works only if it’s from the soul. There’s no price to it.” said Aima Baig.

A piece that pays homage to Sufiism and Divine love, in the words of Sachal Sarmast, caroled by Sanam Marvi, in all its intensity, Hairaan Hua is one of its kind. In verses that reflect Divine Love, with worldly love as an emblem, the beauty and marvel of the beloved is praised, summoning the listener to explore the hidden meanings. With the poetry by Sachal Sarmast, Sanam Marvi contrives other verses about the pleasure one seeks from Divine Love and devotion of Sufis. “It is our responsibility to make music so that the message we are trying to spread through our voice and words reaches people.” said Sanam Marvi.

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