Christian Bale Turned Down a Fourth Installment of Batman, Here’s Why

Christian Bale Turned Down a Fourth Installment of Batman, Here’s Why

Christian Bale starred as the iconic savior of Gotham, Batman in the Trilogy series called The Dark Knight, but said no to a fourth film

Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan teamed up for the Dark Knight Trilogy to produce a masterpiece for the times to come. The set of three movies, which saw Liam Neeson, Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy play adversaries to Bale, respectively added even more star power to the series. The above formula translated into a combined $2.5 billion earning at the box office and made the Trilogy one of the greatest in the comic-book genre. The mantle of the Batman was then picked up by actors like Ben Affleck and more recently Robert Pattinson, but the verdict still is that Bale-led Batman character was and will always be the best-ever portrayal of the saviour of Gotham.

Even after all this success, Bale recently revealed, the plan to add a fourth movie to the Dark Knight Trilogy was turned down by the actor. The Hollywood A-lister, in an interview with Toronto Sun, said that making a fourth movie would have been ‘overindulgent’ to do so. “We never were arrogant to assume that we had an opportunity beyond one film at a time,” Bale recently told the Toronto Sun. “That’s something Chris would always talk about. He’d say, ‘This is it. We’re making one film. That’s all we’ve got’.”

Bale added that after the third movie, The Dark Knight Rises, which came out in 2012, he and Nolan were offered a fourth movie, but they turned it down because the Producer’s dream was to end it as a Trilogy. “No. We had to stick to Nolan’s dream, which was always to hopefully do a trilogy. Let’s not stretch too far and become overindulgent and go for a fourth.” As of now, Pattinson has been roped in to play Gotham’s hero in the upcoming rendition of DC’s Batman. No news of who will be essaying the protagonist have been confirmed by the makers.

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