Christian Bale Feels Robert Pattinson Is a Good Choice to Play Batman

Christian Bale Feels Robert Pattinson Is a Good Choice to Play Batman

Christian Bale played Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy and only had one piece of advice for Robert Pattinson.

The Dark Knight Trilogy is arguably one of the best real-life adaptations of the Batman ever to be made. And the actor, Christian Bale, who played the crime-fighting hero has nearly no competition when it comes to representing the messiah of Gotham. However, the new actor to wear the dark cape and fight against some of the most notorious villains is none other than Robert Pattinson and luckily for the Twilight star, he has received the approval of Bale, as the latter called the newly casted actor an ‘interesting’ person to play the role of the Gotham knight. While speaking to Variety at the Toronto Film Festival, Bale approved Pattinson in the role of Batman.

"Good choice! He’s interesting," Bale said. Meanwhile, Pattinson received affirmation from another Hollywood actor, Bale’s co-star from Ford v. Ferrari, Matt Damon, who called Pattinson’s acting "fantastic" in the movie Good Time. "Did you see the Safdie brothers movie he did?" Damon asked. "He was fantastic."

Bale received a lot of accolades for his role as Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy, but he had spoken about the laborious process of entering the Batman costume, which he says requires the help of a number of crew members. So what advice does he have for the newly casted Batman? "Oh, same as Ben Affleck, just be able to go to the bathroom by yourself," he said. "You don’t feel like a superhero when you aren’t able to go to the bathroom by yourself."

Bale and Damon are currently promoting their upcoming movie Ford v. Ferrari, which is screening at the Toronto Film Festival. The two will be seen playing the roles of racing legends Ken Miles (Bale) and Carroll Shelby (Damon), who come together to build a supreme racing machine for Ford Motor Company in the 1960s. "We really focused on putting them in the point of view of the drivers," said film director James Mangold. "I didn’t want it to look like what you see on a sports telecast." The movie is all set to hits theatres across the world on November 19.

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