Chef Atul Kochhar Introduces His New Menu '10 Years of Michelin Star' at Rang Mahal

Chef Atul Kochhar Introduces His New Menu '10 Years of Michelin Star' at Rang Mahal

A brand new menu has been introduced at the restaurant featuring some of the most classic dishes with the choicest of ingredients...

Proud recepient of the Michelin Star honour, Chef Atul Kochhar recently introduced a brand new menu at his signature restaurant Rang Mahal at the JW Marquis, in celebration of 10 years of his accomplishment as a chef par excellence for his acclaimed restaurant Benares. While we were lucky to taste his exquisite ten course menu, cooked with some of the most flavourosme of ingredients,  we also did manage to chat quickly with the man behind the curtain.
What is your signature dish at Rang Mahal that is a must try, and why?
At the moment, 10 Years of Michelin Star Menu is my signature. But the lamb chops we make at Rang Mahal is my favorite recipe.  I have had that on the menu for long time and we have a special way of cooking them.
Personally, what is your favourite cuisine and why?
I love Indian food most but Thai is my favoured cuisine as it has equal amount of flavours and textures. Its fragrant and spicy character makes me very happy.
What is the one ingredient that you love working with and can't do without?
I love working with ginger and its something I use it time and time again – even in my desserts.
Can you share 3 cooking tips from your kitchen that home cooks can benefit from?
Good clean working habits help you cook better – so clean as you go, keep your cooking area tidy.
Pre- measure the ingredients – if that helps you organise your work while cooking.
Cook seasonal food – you would have to do very little to make them taste delicious.
Can you share with our readers any one favourite, simple recipe?
We'll share our signature fish recipe called Meen Moileey

MEEN MOILEEY – Pan seared Farmed Sea Bass with Tempered Potatoes and Atul’s Signature Moilley Sauce.

Serves – 1 port

Ingredients – Qty

*Sea bass (Line caught) - 200gms

*Butter – 20gms

*Vegetable oil – 10 Gms

*Lemon – 20gms           


MOILEEY POTATOES – serves - 6 port

*Oil – 50gms

*Mustard seeds – 5gms

*Curry leaves – 1 sprig

*Onion – 100 Gms

*Turmeric – 5 Gms

*Salt – to taste

*Coriander green – 15 Gms

*Tomatoes – 100 Gms

*Potatoes – 500 Gms

*Chana dal – 5 Gms


MOILEEY SAUCE – serves – 6 ports

*Oil – 100 ml

*Mustard seeds – 10 Gms

*Onion – 500 Gms

*Tomato – 1.5 kg

*Turmeric – 10 Gms

*Ginger juliennes – 30gms

*Curry leaves – 2 sprigs

*Dry red chili whole -2 nos

*Coconut milk pwd - .4 cups


1- Heat oil in a pan; grill the fish on a medium flame.
2- Flip the fish add Butter, squeeze half wedge of lemon. Allow the fish to cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Serve the fish on a bed of tempered potato masala and moileey sauce.


1-Boil the potatoes, peel the skin & crush them with spatula
2- Heat Oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds & chana dal, allow them to splutter add curry leaves.
3- Add Sliced Onions,Turmeric Pwd & Salt ,
4-Cook the onion till translucent , add crushed potatoes , mix it gently. Finish the potatoes with chopped coriander leaves . 


1- Heat oil, crackle mustard seeds & curry leaves, add sliced onion and sauté till translucent.
2- Add sliced tomatoes to the cooking onions, along with sliced green chili, ginger juliennes & turmeric powder, cook this masala for 5 mins.
3- Add coconut milk and water to the above masala. Bring to a boil then simmer.
4- Adjust the seasoning with salt and lemon juice.


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