Check Out Tarun Tahiliani's Refreshing New Take on Bridal Wear to Inspire Your Wedding Wardrobe

Check Out Tarun Tahiliani's Refreshing New Take on Bridal Wear to Inspire Your Wedding Wardrobe

The couturier of our dreams Tarun Tahiliani shares his vision for the new age bride… and gives us some super useful tips!
Check Out Tarun Tahiliani's Refreshing New Take on Bridal Wear to Inspire Your Wedding Wardrobe

The best in the business, ace couturier Tarun Tahiliani recently met with Masala! and gave us a complete low down on must-haves this wedding season. And guess what? This season is all about the modern, carefree bride! One who chooses to break free from heavy ensembles weighing her down, one who plans to dance up a storm on her big day, in short, one who wants to let loose! Tarun shows you just how to leave behind an overdose of tradition and embrace that spring in your feet. His much-talked about collection, Tarakini that debuted at Lakme Fashion Week and was brought to Dubai a few weeks ago, sums up the essence of this philosophy!

Tell us a little about Tarakini. What was your source of inspiration for this collection?

Tarakini celebrates a new lightness, because I felt for too long women at weddings in India and Pakistan were beginning to look tortured, with too much weight on them, always looking too tribal and costume-y. Being Indian, we have much to work with; our tradition, colours, history and wonderful workmanship. And we can use all of these to ensure a bride doesn’t feel bogged down in couture. Women today are equal to men in every aspect of life. Why put them in a restrictive costume? The real challenge that we as designers face is – How to dress up a new-age princess? The answer to that is what Tarakini is all about.

What is the Spring Summer essential every ethnic wardrobe needs?

A lovely handloom sari in a colour that suits one’s skin tone.

How have the trends shifted from last season? What colour palette is going to dominate?

Women now realise that they don’t want to spend money on something that will eventually make them uncomfortable, just to cater to an insecure society. And I agree! Women now feel emancipated and fashion must reflect that.
    In terms of colours, I think muted tones will rule the season, even in bridal wear. I personally love pale icy colours – skin peach, icy grey, softer multi-colours and so on. It’s such a pleasure to design for brides who are willing to experiment with colour and cut. The possibilities with bridal wear are endless and brides who are weary to explore, will seriously end up losing out on one of the best experiences of their lives.

Can you share tips to keep Indian outfits simple yet stylish?

- Change your designer! If your designer feels OTT embellishment defines couture, it’s time to show him the door.

- Know your threshold. The eternal question is – how much is too much?

- If you’re happy, that’s all that matters. 

- When finalising an outfit, spend at least half an hour wearing it and moving around. If you don’t want to rip the outfit off your body by the end of half an hour, you’re good to go. Always remember to wear your shoes along with the outfit too, since it’s important to have the whole look on to judge how you feel.

- Experiment. You have only one chance to be a bride (hopefully, haha!), don’t waste it playing safe!

What is the biggest bridal fashion myth you’d like to bust?

That more makes more beautiful. THE. BIGGEST. MYTH. EVER.


For a fashionista, a personal consultation with the maestro is a dream come true. Masala!’s Kareen Dsouza played the anxious to-be bride who needed some help with her wedding trousseau. And this is how Tarun came to her rescue…

A variation to the traditional lehenga?

Wear a lighter one that’s delicately draped around your body. There are lovely lehengas with long coats, long kurtas with palazzos; there are so many variations to choose from.

What would be your advice to a top heavy bride?

Definitely wear something that’s fitted at the bottom. Do some lovely drapes on the top to take the tension away. Keep it sleek and straight!

And for someone with heavier hips?

The opposite actually, accentuate the top! An anarkali fit would look great. Wear fabrics cut on bias, and try not to highlight the hip area.

What kind of style will let me be most mobile during my wedding?

Outfits that leave you free around your feet naturally. So you really want to lose all those layers of bakram. And keep the length in mind, you shouldn’t be scared of tripping over at your own wedding. Basically, choose anything that allows free movement.

Give me a colour theme to go for the following…

Pheras: Off white is a beautiful colour with hints of gold
Mehendi: Pale oranges, earthy bright. Black is also a beautiful colour for you. Jewel tones are lovely too. 
Sangeet: Ruby is lovely on dusky skin