Celebs React to Ayodhya Verdict of Building a Hindu Temple at the Disputed Holy Site

Celebs React to Ayodhya Verdict of Building a Hindu Temple at the Disputed Holy Site

Taapsee Pannu, Koena Mitra and Kangana Ranaut were just some of the celebrities who commented on the decision by Indian Supreme Court

Earlier today, the Indian Supreme Court announced that the Ayodhya site in northern India will be handed over to the Hindus in the region to build a temple. The disputed holy site was called Babari Masjid which stood tall for over 480 years but was destroyed in 1992 and never rebuilt since. The mosque would now be converted to a temple for the Hindus residing in the district. A five-judge constitution delivered the unanimous verdict. It comes almost a decade after the Allahabad High Court partitioned the disputed site in the ratio of 2:1 between Hindus and Muslims.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about the court's verdict. He wrote, "The Honourable Supreme Court has given its verdict on the Ayodhya issue. This verdict shouldn’t be seen as a win or loss for anybody. May peace and harmony prevail!"

PM Modi's tweet was liked by several Bollywood personalities as well, including filmmaker Onir, Anupam Kher, Shekhar Kapur, Randeep Hooda, Nimrat Kaur and many others. Many Bollywood celebrities also reacted to the verdict. Taapsee Pannu wrote, "Hail Supreme Court! Let the needful be done. Now moving towards working on issues that will help our nation become the best place to live in."

Koena Mitra added, "491 years. It didn’t come easy. May our generations to come always remember and respect this."

Kangana Ranaut said, "The supreme court judgement on Ayodha Verdict shows how all of us can coexist peacefully. This is the beauty of our great country, and I urge everyone to rejoice in the fact that we define unity in diversity."

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar commented, "Welcome the fair verdict over the Ayodhya Case by the Supreme Court. Finally the long pending issue will be resolved now."

Huma Qureshi of Gangs of Wasseypur fame wrote, "My dear Indians, please respect the Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya Case today. We all need to heal together and move on from this as one nation."

Farhan Akhtar shared, "Humble request to all concerned , please respect the Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya Case today. Accept it with grace if it goes for you or against you. Our country needs to move on from this as one people. Jai Hind."

Shararat star Shruti Seth tweeted, "Let’s all pray for peace together now. Jai Hind."

Kunal Kapoor of Rang De Basanti fame wrote, "This is a time for peace and healing. Let's be sensitive to each other and build a more inclusive and unified India."

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta also commented, "Waqt lagta hai, par ho jaata hai. The Supreme Court has delivered its verdict on a longstanding dispute over land title. Respect the law, accept the verdict and ignore those who will try to gain political capital or TRPs from this. It really is time to move on."

Many Hindus believe that the Babri Masjid was actually constructed on the remains of a Hindu temple that was demolished by Muslim invaders in the 16th Century. On the other hand, Muslims had stated that they offered prayers at the mosque until December 1949. People from both the religions have approached the court several times in the past. Calls to build a temple on the spot where the mosque once stood were also made which are finally being granted.

The situation outside the Indian Supreme Court has been calm. Several people were detained in the region ahead of the verdict amid fears of violence. Police officers were deployed around the city and shops and colleges have also been shut down. The Indian Government also issued an order banning the publication of images of the destruction of the Babri mosque.

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