Rahul Khanna

Rahul Khanna is the son of Bollywood star-turned-politician Vinod Khanna and older brother of actor Akshaye Khanna, but he has chosen a more offbeat path as an actor.

He studied acting and film making in New York at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and School of Visual Arts and began his career as an immensely popular VJ with MTV Asia.

He made his film debut in 2000 in Deepa Mehta's "1947 Earth" with a performance that won him many awards including the Filmfare award for best debut.

Rahul has appeared on stage in the New York production of East is East and his screen credits include Deepa Mehta's "Hollywood/Hollywood", Kevin Kline starrer "The Emperor's Club", TV film "3AM" with Danny Glover and Hindi films "Elaan", "Raqeeb" and "Tahaan".

The good looking actor has also appeared in commercials endorsing brands such as Toyota, Pepsi and Lays.

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