Born as Govind Arun Ahuja, the actor entered the industry in 1985 and is best known for his comedy roles and dancing. Govinda, also called "Chi Chi", formed a successful partnership with director David Dhawan and has featured in about 17 of his films. After a brief absence from the silver screen in the early 2000s, Govinda returned to celluloid in 2006 with Bhagam Bhag and delivered a huge hit, Partner, in 2007.

Govinda is also a member of Indian parliament and represents the Congress Party.

Early in his career, Govinda was linked with Neelam, whom he wanted to marry. However, it is said his mother was against the relationship and selected a bride for him. He is married to Sunita and has two children. His daughter Narmada is getting set to enter Bollywood.

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