CDR Case: Here's Why Mohit Suri's Wife Udita Goswami Was Called in For Questioning
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CDR Case: Here's Why Mohit Suri's Wife Udita Goswami Was Called in For Questioning

Filmmaker Mohit Suri's wife, Udita Goswami is currently under investigation

Udita Goswami was summoned by the Thane Police in Mumbai after it was found that she had illegally procured Call Data Records of her husband filmmaker Mohit Suri, back when they were unmarried in 2013.

The Thane Crime Branch has already issued notices to producer Ayesha Shroff and recorded statements of actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his wife Aaliyah in connection with the case. “Rizwan Siddiqui had been obtaining CDRs from the detectives. We arrested him earlier and we are investigating all the cases that he handled,” said a senior officer. The CDR scam was busted by Thane police in January when they arrested four private detectives for allegedly possessing and selling CDRs illegally. Twelve arrests have been made in the case so far, including two policemen and the first woman detective of the country, Rajani Pandit, who is currently out on bail.
Udita Goswami admitted to the cops that she suspected her boyfriend (Mohit) to be cheating on her and hence she wanted proof of his unfaithfulness. However, this was a while ago, and the couple has now sorted out their differences. They also have a child together.
The Thane Crime Branch, last Wednesday questioned the former Bollywood actor for two hours in connection with the alleged illegal procurement of Call Data Records (CDR) by four private detectives.

The police said they do not suspect any criminal involvement on her part. According to the police, the call details of Mohit Suri, Bollywood director and Goswami’s husband, were procured by lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui. “She said in her statement that Siddiqui managed to get his CDR and gave her a copy in order to build a strong case against her boyfriend. She also disclosed other details that we can’t share as of now,” said Senior Inspector Nitin Thakre, the investigating officer in the case. According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), Abhishek Trimukhe, Goswami was called in to record her statement. “She has recorded her statement with us, as it came to light that she had perused the CDR of her boyfriend (now husband), Mohit Suri. We are investigating further,” he said.

Sources in the police department however said that Udita Goswami wanted the CDR of Mohit because she was certain that he was cheating on her and wanted some kind of proof to proceed further.

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